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  • tigerpac tigerpac Dec 22, 2011 9:29 PM Flag

    great news - The Roys Sign Production Deal With ValCom Studios

    So by my calculations you're back to above 2 million shares.

    I agree with your assessment of these boards. Greed leads to fear, then anger.

    Repeat, wash, rinse, repeat.

    My views on this stock have always been supported by the acute lack of execution of Valcom over the past couple of years. Reading the 10-Q's explains how futile most of their attempts at generating revenue and profits have been. Too many of their projects wind up in court or die on the vine. Their website hasn't been updated since I started looking here and still publicizes projects that died long ago. That's why I have always had my doubts.

    Sorry to digress and combine several other thought on this thread but...

    Regarding the upcoming 10-K, I wouldn't be surprised to see royalty revenue that has no basis in fact but rather includes guesstimated royalty on a lot of what ifs(since none of this stuff is audited, anything goes). I would love for Valcom to say that they collected 50% of the past royalties due them but given how inept they've been, I'd be surprised if they collected 20% (which would equal almost $1 million). I would think that most of these "debtor" companies are telling Valcom to get lost or take them to court to collect the royalties. Much of like what Valcom is telling Smiteman to do with his bill.

    The inflated library appraisal fooled a lot of people and sucked them in. That trick only works once. They have to come up with a bigger story to get this stock moving again.

    Just my opinion. Read it as entertainment value and make your own decisions.