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  • tradersage tradersage Jan 15, 2003 4:58 PM Flag


    Thanks for sharing your portfolio. It's always good to see what other people are doing. I too bought XMSR this morning on the dip, I still have it though.... I have a tendency to hang on to stocks too long. XMSR has plenty of room to go up though.

    Good luck

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    • XMSR is a great stock to trade. For a long opportunity I believe there is potential, but the current short term price is a sell. It will pull back from here and revisit 3.25 before moving up again. I would sell it and take your profits. Long term...325,000 subscribers this year...over a million next year...working relationships with GM, Nissan, Honday...This is big...and means this company will continue to grow...Much upside potential.

    • I don't see how XMSR can suceed long term. They would have gone under already if not for GM loaning them money to stay afloat. In about a year I see GM taking over the company for forgiveness of the debt.