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  • saramolly_98 saramolly_98 Jul 22, 2004 9:51 PM Flag

    Why the stock price has fallen

    1. Early institutional investors converted bonds to stock and sold stock, taking gains as they reduced their holdings.

    2. Funds that invested in LSCP when it was around 8 to 15 dollars a share, have sold alot of their shares and taken gains.
    You can look at list of funds and institutional holders over the past year. If one reviews the holdings of these firms reduction in positions is evident.

    3. The stock price got way ahead of company results because of interest in new popular effective BPH procedure. Even Management exercised a great deal of options and rightly realized large sums for their efforts over the years.

    4. Remember the market value of LSCP was over 600 Million Dollars when the stock traded over 30 per share.

    5. The recent stock market decline reflects the move toward more realistic stock prices and valuations.

    I believe lscp has a good proceedure for BPH and the companies revenues and profits will continue to increase in the years ahead.
    I think the investment firms that were excited about lscp and purchased the stock when it was priced low have made their money and have moved on.

    New investment firms(funds) are sure to come to build positions in lscp as it stock price becomes more reasonably priced. Maybe even some of the firms that sold and realized profits will get back in. Maybe even the company will issue new options plans to the execs who sold their shares down the road.

    I believe lscp is settling down like the rest of the markets and will find its price level.

    Where that price level will be, we just have to wait and see.


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