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  • yahoo yahoo May 12, 2005 8:27 PM Flag

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    • Sorry, but the only single digit you'll be seeing will be where the sun doesn't shine!

    • << I shorted this POS at 7, covered at 4. Shorted at 22, covered at 17.5. Shorted at 34....covered at 28. Shorted at 34 >>

      You dear lady are a liar. Hoz about telling us on the day you short it....himmmmm .....Anybody can claim anything after the fact. All I know is ever since it wuz 4 you were calling it a POS now it's 27.

      C'on Tell us at the time of your next short and cover...We all need a good laugh

    • "I shorted this POS at 7, covered at 4."

      since hitting 7 this has never gone back to 4 at any time in the last two years..

      i would also say most succesful swing traders would never short just on the hope that revenues are missed, that would be more like gambling than trading.. they'd be out of any position before earnings are announced and re-enter afterwards..

    • Talk about full of crap!!! Before you go and tell us of all the times you shorted here and there, you better go back and re read your old posts. You're better off writingf the truth as your lies are getting harder to remember.
      You may want to cover early tomorrow.

      • 1 Reply to tiledude_2001
      • Now now. You guys always get so confrontational and linda seems to be more talkative then before. Several times Linda's recent posts have stated that LSCP is not going to meet next earnings. Now, if Linda has some sort of factual basis for this in the face of just about all other information I for one would love to hear it. It could be the little voices talking in Linda's head but we should allow the opportunity for Linda to back up that mouth. Whuddaya say Linda. Nothing complicated just have you got anything, any justification for repeatedly stating that LSCP won't make it's next earnings estimate.