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  • robtl robtl Jan 12, 2006 2:04 PM Flag

    Tuesday:PVP, Today:The Stock

    I had the Greenlight PVP, Tuesday about 11am, was home the same day before the market close. Today, Thursday, I bought the stock right after my first pee following the removal of the catheter. I feel great!
    With all the men out there with BPH, how can you lose?

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    • Good luck! I had my PVP surgery in Aug. and then when I got home bought the stock. Why would anyone have a Turp?

    • Does the PSA reading increase with Benign Prostrate Enlargement? I am 65 years old and have a high PSA (5.6 on 2/25/05) but I have not had a biopsy. I have not heard of laser treatments as a means of treating this type of cancer. It's been mostly removal of the prostrate or implantation of radioactive seeds. Does Laserscope offer this as a treatment for cancer?

    • I had the Green light procedure Dec 12. Went in at 8:00 AM and was having lunch with my wife at noon. It is an incredible procedure compared to the so-called gold standard, TURP. I suspect the Green Light will becomne the new gold standard for treating BPH. Peeing like an eighteen year old, but really 72. Catheter out the next day and not much blood. Makes me want to own LSCP but I'm not sure what % of their rev is from this procedure.