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  • cessorini cessorini Mar 3, 2006 4:42 PM Flag

    Where is tiledude?

    What is your take?Will we ever get back to $30?

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    • Good morning Cessorini,

      I posted my thoughts on this a few days ago, not answering the question of "Will we go back over $30 again?" (see Msg: 24335 ).

      It seems that big money is flowing into the gold and oil stocks so Laserscope will have to wait its turn to move. Look for the test at $20.52 to occur in the early part of the week. A higher volume that pushes just below that mark may be a buy signal.

      Laserscope is still running under its moving averages and that is never a good sign. It also has been trending lower for almost 8 months as the shorts are enjoying their run.

      This is a good company with good fundamentals, their stock has just sucked for the last 8 months.

      Watch how it goes to the $20.50 area. The gap from November 26 - 27 of 04is still open and has the opportunity to close and bring the price of the equity down to the $19 area.

      To answer your question about he $30 area. Eventually, this stock will test the highs of $43.67. When that will occur....your guess is as good as mine.

      Hope that helps, I'm now officially late for work.

      Best regards and good fortunes to all of you.

    • I dont know about XMSR or SIRI although they are selling on a big promise of everyone eventually wanting to own a satellite radio in thier car or at home.

      As far as GOOG is concerned they are doubling earnings and revenues every year

      They will make 9 bucks in 06 and 13 in 07

      Only if LSCP was that consistent and growing as fast. I am a long but a stuck long. I know the stock will come back but it will take a while. Cant wait for the proverbial "will come back in the long run" as we are all dead in the long run

    • Dude will return when the stock moves back up. He isn't very good at calling bottoms.