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    Markland Technologies Continues Research and Development Efforts to Deliver Innovative Surveillance and Threat Detection Technologies
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    -developed software analysis techniques. Together, they generate detection capabilities, which the company believes can be significantly more powerful than could be achieved by any single system.

    ``When all of these different detection technologies are integrated into a single, unified solution, the system can attain an extremely high level of accuracy in the detection of potential threats with a relatively low rate of false alarms,'' said Mr. Tarini. Approximately 10 different detection technologies comprise the Markland suicide detection protocols, among them: thermal and electromagnetic sensors and imaging systems, vapor sensors, metal and chemical detection processes to spot firearms and explosives, and systems that can identify biological, radiological and other threats. Most of the individual systems are already proven through longtime use by the military and in civilian implementations around the world, contributing to the Markland system's robustness and dependability.

    One of the most important elements of the entire protocol is Markland's proprietary ``stand-off'' detection system -- detection technologies capable of identifying potential threats at far greater distances than had previously been achieved. Precise distances are classified by the military, but such long-range detection is a critical part of identifying and stopping dangerous individuals before they can reach their targets and cause bloodshed.

    Terrorist bombings and other types of armed terrorist attacks are a daily danger for innocent civilians and official personnel in many nations around the world. U.S. troops in Iraq have recently suffered heavy casualties in bombing attacks and they continue to face such deadly threats at traffic checkpoints and in crowded public areas.

    Markland's publicly traded majority owned subsidiary Technest Holdings Inc. (OTC BB:TCNH.OB - News), is also working on the development of disposable sensors which are light weight and based on advanced electro optic technologies which can be networked to provide perimeter defense and surveillance capabilities in both urban and remote terrain combat scenarios. Genex Technologies ( ), a wholly owned subsidiary of Technest Holdings Inc. is completing the fabrication of 50 such sensors for delivery to the military in the coming month. It is expected that the future market for these sensors in both military and civilian security applications will be significant.

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