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  • rbgambler99 rbgambler99 Sep 15, 2012 1:37 PM Flag

    To Fatfighter......Got my $19,000 in special divys!!

    Stock only goes down $1.22, after divy is paid!! I can't believe how easy it was to pocket $19 grand in a few weeks!! Sold all shs of FRS right after the divy was posted to me account.

    Thank you, Thank you, Fat Fighter for this heads up!!

    I am still in shock that this was that easy!!!


    PS, I can't seem to post during the day on my work computer...I think they may have locked us all out from internet posting other than for work....or, msybe its the new format. You can always find me on the SFL board, and I will post at night....making a killing on USLV, and TGD...buying WHZ, 18%, and GGN, a 10% payer with profits, as I believe we are in for a run in the price of gold, silver and oil...take care Laura....and thanks again for the great heads up!!!!

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    • RB, I'm sorry. I guess you have read the other posts by now. It sounds like it didn't work out that well for you - I feel guilty. Wish I had known your plan ahead of time, I would have told you. You might have either broken even or made a small profit if you had sold today. As I said before, I am keeping my shares.

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    • "Stock only goes down $1.22, after divy is paid!"

      The price adjustment for the dividend happens on the ex-date, not the payment date. The ex-date for this one is Monday, the 17th.

      Because you sold on Friday, you sold with due bills attached to the shares you sold that obligate you to forward the dividend to whoever you sold your shares to. As a result, the dividend will be withdrawn from your account on the due bill settlement date, which is sometime in the coming week.

      The company told you all this in a press release several weeks ago: "Shares of the Company's stock will trade with "due-bills" beginning August 29, 2012 (two business days prior to the record date) through the September 14, 2012 payment date ... Due-bills obligate sellers ... to deliver the dividend to the buyer."

      "I am still in shock that this was that easy!"

      You're going to be in shock all over again when you find out is wasn't that easy.

    • Since you received dividend on Saturday , I am not sure how you could possibly sell the stock. You either are clueless or are full of it. Anyway good luck to you.
      P.S. Dont get suprised if the price fall $9.5 in the opening tomorrow.

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