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  • kblinsk kblinsk May 21, 2009 10:50 AM Flag


    Hello, I have a question for any savvy investor. I have a 401k that I would like to know how my amount of shares have been going up even though I no longer work for the company where this 401k is invested. I have not added any money to this since 2006. But, each quarter the number of shares in my account go up. I can't understand how this is possible.



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    • Oppenheimer Developing Markets was negative 48 in 08 while AGTHX negative 39. It's not just about making money, it's also about preserving in volatile markets. It's top holdings over 32% appear to be overseas, which means it's investment strategy is entirely different. Every country has been hit hard with this economic downturn and there is no prediction as to which country will emerge the fastest during the growth faze. While overseas markets have clearly offered stronger returns over the last 5 years, I'm still betting US based companies emerge fastest and strongest once the bull breaks free. The market is all about betting and some bets do better then others.

      Best of luck to what ever decision you come to!

    • That's my impression as well...but do you have or are you familiar with ODVCX? A relative has this and touts its success...up 16.92% this year vs 5.32% for AGTHX, 14.93% ten year average vs 2.55% for AGTHX, etc, etc. Comparing these two does make me think I've been screwed. These figures come from the Yahoo Performance pages. Any opinions on its future performance and which of these funds has more potential? Not much activity on the ODVCX message boards.

    • It's not going to out-perform every fund out there, but it's core holdings will surely take off when the economy finds it's footing. That will be when other funds don't do as well. There's an objective with every fund and I'm willing to hang ten with this fund and see what transpires.

    • I would assume your 401K was set up for all annual dividends to be reinvested, which obviously means more shares in AGTHX.

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