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  • standard_chimpanzee standard_chimpanzee Nov 8, 2012 11:26 AM Flag

    Tax Consequences โ€“ Fiscal Cliff - Not Looking Good

    The economists I know are predicting:
    A) We go over the fiscal cliff for at least a month
    B) Dividend tax rates are going way up
    C) Heading for a deep recession - which kills oil/gas due to the drop in demand.
    I have been in Canadian Energy Trusts/Stocks for years and love them but I am concerned the higher dividend rates and drop in demand are going to kill this stock.
    Anyone concur or disagree?

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    • Fiscal cliff... just a bunch a hype to get people to turn into news.

      It didn't matter who got voted in or out of what office. Economies expand and shrink in cycles and we are in the ground floor of an expansion. Unemployment is going down, housing market is starting to come back, low interest rates, end of Bushes wars etc.,.. This is Kanizians (sp) 101. During recession spend, during growth pay off the spending from recession.

      I am still buying at this price. Once the end of the worlders go away. Oil and NG will go up and so will this stock. Buy at this price and hold at $30 - $31.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • agreed the cliff may be coming but only for a short period and then made retroactive, however agree tax on divy will be upped, but with obuma still in office, the bernank will be in for a while longer ..and keep rates at all time lows.. thus divys will be on a level playing field with other income producing instruments What other game is in town.. other than pipelines ..Recession.. could very well be.. The administration has no business people in cabinet to speak of, has very liberal advisors, congress is useless and self serving .. just hope they do not screw the economy up too badly One financial advisor recommended seriously a windmill stock whose name escapes me

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