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  • secragtman secragtman Aug 8, 2011 7:23 PM Flag

    Dead Board.

    Stock has lost more than 20% from its recent highs and lost 13% today and not a peep from this board. Anyway, I got out on Friday after holding for three or four years. Why? It was a hugely profitable position for me but I always felt I got information on this foreign stock too late and couldn't intelligently evaluate its performance on a timely basis. For once, it appears taking a profit was a good short term call (I didn't avoid last week's bloodbath but I did avoid today's). Still, the stock has been a great performer these past few years so I wouldn't rule out getting back in at some point. Just wish I could've gotten out at 78 rather than 66.

    In the long run, this recent pullback may turn out to be a buying opportunity. But, that's always very, very hard to recognize at the time, especially when the sky seems to be falling all around. G/L to everyone out there and take care