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  • told_zambezee told_zambezee Mar 14, 2001 1:22 PM Flag

    Earnings are everything...

    Earnings are everything...

    ...and the earlier I can get an idea what they'll be like the better. Watching Intel get spanked (and others) has got me watching these predictions rather closely.

    I've now taken to looking at the early earning rumors. Somehow, they put together these predictions which in the past have been amazingly accurate. I hope they�re right this time.

    My own guess was a little different from what they�re predicting but I�ll take what I can get. It could be worse.

    Supposedly this information, �whispers� they call it, comes from insiders and others in the know. Can�t quite figure out how all this is legal but that�s their problem and not mine.

    Just re- type this address minus the spaces. Cut & Pasting doesn't work:

    w w w . d e a l . t f

    Oh yeah, they�ve also got some other tools you can use for PVD