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  • questad2002 questad2002 May 16, 2001 1:14 PM Flag

    A stock who's price is going UP!

    Advanced Tissue Sciences (ATIS) is about to become the major player in the field of Human Tissue Engineering! They have THREE products scheduled to hit the market by the end of this year!

    In NouriCel ATIS has discovered a potential GOLD MINE! NouriCel is a by-product of their tissue manufacturing process that contains collagen, proteins, antioxidants and other growth factors. Later this year it will be brought to market in anti-aging cosmeceuticals, a MULTI-BILLION dollar market. It has shown the ability to make skin thicker and younger looking. This presents a temendous market opprotunity without the regulatory hurdles of their tissue engineering products.

    Dermagraft is in the final stages of the FDA approval process for use in treating the 800,000 diabetic foot ulcers yearly!

    It's also entering testing for venous and pressure ulcers along with helping improve blood flow to damaged heart tissue.

    Last year when ATIS successfully completed it's phase 3 trial of Dermagraft the stock price jumped to 12! Just IMAGINE how high it will go on approval!

    ATIS has developed Injectable Human Collagen used in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. This will be able to replace the bovine collagen currently in use in around 600,000 procedures a year! With all the Mad Cow and Foot and Mouth scares, this is sure to quickly take over the market!

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