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  • JReidB JReidB Apr 14, 2000 10:32 AM Flag

    if you love the CO

    your nuts if you don't buy here !

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    • Can anyone give a logical reason to buy this
      stock, other than it's a great company, with great
      products and great management? Remember, great COMPANIES
      don't always equal great STOCKS when the stock is
      overvalued. I would also argue while SFO has a lot of
      potential, it also has a lot to prove before it can be
      labeled as a "great company." What is the size of the
      market SFO is going after and how well will it do
      against the competition? How much revenue can SFO
      generate a few years down the road and how profitable will
      it be? What financial impact could some of their
      deals have, like the one announced with Sony? How is
      this comapny going to transform from giving away free
      software to charging for it? Can they succeed at all of
      this, because at a high valuation, they need to for the
      stock to continue to perform

      You need
      SUBSTANCE. Concept stocks are dying. Can anyone provide any?

      • 2 Replies to J_Rainier
      • ...SFO software can transform video and audio
        content for use on the net much faster and more flexibly
        using fewer people than anyone else. We have contracts
        and investments from companies like SONY, MSFT and
        AOL/Warner while our competition has lesser deals with
        mostly lesser companies. SFO is expanding it's
        operations and buying great companies like STV. It doesn't
        put out PR about frivolous junk like LOUD's freezer
        doors or brag about work they completed last fall to
        pump up the stock. This isn't a idle concept anymore
        than the build out of high speed bandwidth is. One day
        every movie ever made and every song ever recorded will
        be available anytime anywhere via what we now call
        the net. It will be SFO and the other ppl in this
        space who will do that work. And releasing a beta to
        the public is a tried and true method of debuting a
        product. Now run along sonny.

      • In your message you ask "How is this comapny
        going to transform from giving away free software to
        charging for it?"

        Sonic Foundry has been selling
        software for years. Have you ever heard of Sound Forge,
        ACID, etc. They SELL that software, it's not given

        There are many companies that will struggle with this
        transition, but not SFO.

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