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  • klebi200 klebi200 Nov 16, 2005 8:45 AM Flag

    great jump buy now very cheap

    we will see it befor christmas is comming.

    befor end year we will see $ 4.00

    midle of next year $ 7.00

    my own opinion

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    • The Friends Of TGX would like to know what you are basing your predictions of $4.00 by years- end and $7.00 next year upon. Otherwise, your message is just another "alanbrucemar"-style message to pump the stock price.

      • 2 Replies to The_Friends_Of_TGX
      • we will see
        time makes money

        i don't pump the stock price.

        the fundamentals will pump the stock price!!!!

        we will looking at the end of the year.

        my opinion 4$

        biotech will coming back.
        no biotech no future.

        i hope you understand my very bad english.

      • I used to think you were intelligent I didn't agree with much of what you posted but I didn't question your motives

        Now I have a different take on you

        First of all -- NOTHING you or I or anyone else posts on this board influences the price of the stock If you think differently you are very naive and KNOW NOTHING about the MARKET

        Secondly I am not a PUMPER I don't exaggerate facts or post overly optimistic opinions I think the stock is a good speculation at these prices PERIOD

        Are you a BASHER Is your referring to me as a PUMPER a PROJECTION ??? Is it a case of "it takes one to know one"

        Talk about DECEPTION -- Why do you use the name -- "The Friends of TGX" If you are a friend I would wonder what you would be posting as "The Enemies of TGX"

        Maybe you were a FRIEND at one time Maybe you are one of those who got their HEAD kicked in because you held the stock too long Maybe your "hopes and dreams" got shattered when TGX plummeted

        Maybe you are going to recoup a very small part of your losses as a result of the Class Action (ROFL) I was in TGX back then but I won't get a cent out of the Class Action settlement because I made $$$ and was out before the downturn got UGLY

        As far as TGXs future is concerned -- we will see where the stock is in the next year We will see if the ACQUISITION is a plus or a minus We will see if your PESSIMISM is justified by the RESULTS that come out in 2006