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  • me_gtc me_gtc Jan 23, 2013 1:51 PM Flag


    1. PERI acquired Sweetpacks just last month. To ascribe Sweetpacks' reputation, good or bad, to PERI is quite a reach.

    2. The last Google contract renegotiation (Dec 31, 2010 contract) took right up to the expiration date because Google was busy and didn't make it a big priority, not because there were any fundamental issues PERI needed to address.

    3. In the two days before this Bloomberg story was released, PERI's share price dropped over 5%. Someone knew this story was coming and was set up to profit from it by shorting in advance. The earlier comments by Tigerpac about the PERI complaint dates cited being old or undated suggest bias to this story (every gone to tripadvisor or yelp and found a hotel or restaurant that didn't get some bad reviews?). Shorted by the same people who fed this story to Bloomberg?

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    • Agree with you on all 3 counts 100%. This Bloomberg piece seems awfully well timed for the shorts given the trading action on Friday and yesterday.


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    • 1. Perion also developed Incredibar - it has the same business model and unfortunate reputation as Sweetpacks.

      2. Good point

      3. Conspiracy theories are silly. When a stock pops 300% in a year - it is bound to get attention. The reputation of their products are horrible. Just google incredbar and sweetpacks - not exactly what you want on your first page google results.

      I don't understand the incredible delusions on this message board about Perion... It went up 300% in the past year. It has some problems. It has sold off recently off its highs. Stay away from conspiracy theories, implausible expectations, etc. Is that how you make financial decisions? Good grief...

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      • I would stay away from conspiracy theories if there weren't a number of market players with a business model of facilitating 'short and distort', Off Wall Street, Muddy Waters and Citron come to mind, coordinating with hedge funds who want to justify their fee structure despite underperforming the market for years. Luckily all those players have time frames and attention spans far less than mine. It'll all blow over by spring so it doesn't actually matter much to me.

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