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  • d.ssss d.ssss Mar 14, 2013 1:32 PM Flag

    Mutherppphhhukkking trash will suck you in

    And then short more. Avoid this stock until the shortsqueeze begins. Again, #$%$ the Google BS. Meaningless distraction. The company makes tons of cash without Google.

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    • When enough realize that Google is a distraction, this SOB will achieve it's real value. $15 plus. So GD sick of the Google BS. Don't even go there.

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      • Here is why shorts will ultimately pay huge price:

        A. Yeterday on the conference call the CEO was adamant about the Google approval and he didn't have to be so confident and vocal about it because until May there is no expectations on the part of the market. The question is: What crystal ball does the shorts have to predict otherwise? I hope this is the big reason for holding the stock. If so, than this is truly a historical opportunity. On rare occasions the market offers opportunities for huge mispricing stocks of stocks and this is one of them.

        B. The shorts assert that the CEO does not and can not know the impact of Google changes and therefore, they don't think the projections are achievable. The question is: How and why do they know better? What numbers, projections, etc. they have that the CEO doesn't? None


        C. The CEO must be is lying: What evidence do they offer to substantiate this with respect to this management. None, zero, nada

        After listening to the managment yesterday, I am more confident than ever that in twelve months at a conservative multiple this stock will double. For now, with no serious analyst coverage or estimate and low volume, the shorts can avoid the squeez. But when it comes it will be harsh and swift.

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