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  • jeffsmith550 jeffsmith550 Aug 12, 2013 5:17 PM Flag

    Insider Trades - can not find source?

    shaw2.kind cited "SYSTEMIC INSIDER SELLING: nearly 4.5 million dollars of the company's stock was sold by top mangement in May 2013."

    Although I have confidence in the underlying fundamentals of the company, I have been highly frustrated by my inability to find a listing of these and any other insider trades.

    Yahoo Finance does not list them as well as a search of the US SEC website does not seem to list any as well. I have tried to search the equivalent of an Israeli SEC to no avail.

    Please help me and others by provideing the website where this information is listed.

    I may have not added to my position if I had known of these sales.

    As an aside, I am guarded optimistic that the announcement today of an initial working relationship with Conduit is analagous to a possible testing of an expanded courtship that hopeful could lead to a future merger - but this me also being eternally optimistic especially now that I am underwater in this investment.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • None of the sources I know of, show ANY insider trading. Maybe Shaw was being disingenuous? Insider monkey provides details of Hedge Funds buying...

    • You give this guy too much credit. I think he is full of [yahoo unpostable]

      PERI has 12.274M shares outstanding. Insiders are supposed to have sold "nearly 4.5 million" (36%!) but no one can find a record of it?

      I look in the 20F filed April 29, 2013, p 54, and see that "all directors and officers as a group" held 768,867 shares (6.0% of the company) including their options. So how are they supposed to have sold 4.5 million shares in the next month?

      This guy has a record of saying anything and everything to support his position. And as of today, he says IR lied to him and insiders sold an unbelievable number of shares. I think shaw simply flipped his position and is still saying anything and everything to support his position.

    • I'm not a professional trader, but according to Scottrade the roughly 300,000 shares that were sold by insiders in May and June were planned sales. As I understand it, planned sales are standard practice and aren't necessarily in response to external or internal forces weighing on the company.

      I really wish we had more professional traders on this board to explain this kind of stuff in better detail.

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      • Thank you for your source. I use Fidelity and I can not find a listing for insider trades under the "Research" heading for Perion. I am really hoping that someone knows of an official (i.e. government) website because these trades have to be reported in the US. I am assuming that any company listed on an American exchange is required to file insider trades. Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds are filed withe US SEC regarding their ownership of Perion stock. I hope that shaw2.kind notices our messages and can provide his source.

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