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  • amolukan amolukan Apr 2, 2008 7:27 PM Flag

    who's chips does RIMM use?


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    • Marvell has designed an integreted application plus baseband processor to go in Blackberries 9000 device that is coming out in August. Marvell also make the application processor in the Palm Centro which is selling like hotcakes, the wifi chip for the iPhone, Psp, Ps3, Zune 2.0 and Xbox 360. Pretty soon these product will sell in the hundreds of millions as folks in China get in on the action. Marvell and Broadcom are both great companies serving in two sectors.

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      • mrvl is another seriously capable engineering company. I looked at that stock many times with the intention of picking up some... BUT:

        the company has been milked empty by the founders. The founders have been forced legally to step a little aside now, but I guess their huge compensatioin will still be there for a while. In the last cc, they mentioned nothing about making profits, bringing their profits up. To me, this is a crap shoot - in today's markets, no profits = no stock price (market couldn't even care less if the company is 'investing', ala brcm's jan cc).

        To me, mrvl is buyers' beware.

      • << Marvell has designed an integreted application plus baseband processor to go in Blackberries 9000 device that is coming out in August>>

        Thank you for correcting me. After I posted this, I read a article that mentioned Marvell having a baseband design. I could not tell if they meant now or in the future.

        I did not know that they possessed a baseband design.

        Can you tell me where it came from? Did it come with the Intel acquisition or did they develop it separately ?

        What generation is it? is it a 3G design? 2.5G ?

        What networks does Marvell's baseband run on?

        GSM/WCDMA or CDMA2000 ?

        I assume its a GSM / EDGE / WCDMA chip? I'm guessing they don't have a CDMA2000 baseband design ? I'm also guessing that RIMM's phones run on both types of networks - so if we're talking about a RIMM phone on Sprint or Verizon - it must use a 3rd party's baseband with a license from QCOM?

        Do you have more details on Marvell's wireless portfolio?

      • MRVL is a good company in terms of its technology and products, but it is not as great as BRCM in many ways: its balance sheet is not comparable to BRCM's, its revenues and earnings fall far behind BRCM's, and it does not offer as diversified portfolio of products as BRCM does. I wouldn't put my money in MRVL.

    • I don't know about RIMM's basebands, but their key chip is their applications processor. Marvell makes the application processor. It was the marquee chip in Intel's X-Scale line when Marvell bought that division from Intel a couple of years ago for >$600 million.

      Intel could never make it into a profitable division. Marvell is also struggling with its profitablity. It requires alot of R&D to compete at this level.

      But it has produced good top-line growth for Marvell, and RIMM is a great design win. The volumes have picked up nicely in the last couple of year.

      I personally prefer BRCM's focus on the higher volume general market, but for the 'smart phone' segment, this has put Marvell on the map.

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