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  • ljcohn ljcohn Oct 2, 1999 9:31 PM Flag


    is roll tide
    alabama 40
    florida 39
    we beat the gators at the swamp

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    • Saturday, October 2, 1999
      Broadcom Expects
      Big Chip Order
      Technology: Irvine-based niche
      leader looks to New York cable company's plan for 3
      million set-top boxes.
      By ERIK SCHATZKER, Bloomberg

      Broadcom Corp. expects to supply
      semiconductors for up to 3 million cable television set-top
      boxes for Cablevision Systems Corp., the largest
      cable-TV company in the New York metropolitan area,
      Broadcom Chief Executive Henry Nicholas said Friday.

      Cablevision Systems is buying the set-top boxes from Sony
      Corp., which is likely to call on Broadcom to supply
      many if not all of the semiconductors, Nicholas said
      in an interview at a conference in Squaw Valley.

      Irvine-based Broadcom is the No. 1 maker of semiconductors for
      digital set-top boxes and cable modems.
      confident that we'll end up with a very significant part of
      the silicon content in that box," Nicholas said in an
      interview at Telecosm '99.
      Broadcom, which started by
      making chips that speed Internet access for homes and
      businesses and for digital TV converters, stands to benefit
      as cable operators move to combine those functions
      in a single box.
      Last month, Cablevision agreed
      to pay Sony $1 billion for 3 million of these boxes,
      which use three or four chips to combine phone access,
      interactive programming, more channels and Internet access on
      TV sets.
      Nicholas said the agreement is
      "material and important" for Broadcom. It won't be the
      company's biggest, though. Broadcom company sells more to
      Motorola Inc., which buys semiconductors for its cable
      modems, and General Instrument Corp., a maker of set-top
      Motorola last month agreed to buy General
      Instrument, a move Broadcom expects to benefit from. Broadcom
      shares fell after the acquisition was unveiled amid
      concern that the company would lose General Instrument
      sales to Motorola's chip division.
      The share drop
      "puzzled me," Nicholas said. The acquisition "lets us take
      a lot of the things we do with Motorola and blend
      them with General Instrument."
      On Friday, Broadcom
      shares rose $3.50 to $112.50. The stock has gained 86%
      this year, giving the company the currency to make
      five acquisitions since June.
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    • roll like the crimson tide
      got to believe
      we beat the gators at the swamp
      and brcm will rise to the top
      got to believe

    • funded BroadCOM before it went public. Also that was not what I was implying. I was saying that Nicholas is BRAGGING too much for his and BRCM's own good.

    • To compare ramblings of AMD's CEO to that of
      BRCM's is misguided. While AMD has proved itself to be
      quite reliable at coming up short on promises and
      projections, not the least of which are its earnings and
      delivery capability, BRCM has consistantly been able to
      meet delivery and exceed earnings projections. Thus
      far BRCM has also strategically aquired many
      complementary businesses boosting its potential in the
      marketplace. I would be very suprised if BRCM made
      announcements without having at least a "bird-in-hand."

      Also, I am pleased to hear that BRCM is not going to
      purchase any sports teams, as doing so would in my opinion
      hurt their image with stockholders. BRCM has
      consistantly demonstrated focus on BROADening market

      GO BRCM!!

    • a bird in hand. If he did he would have said

      The Sony boxes are supposed to be delivered NEXT
      YEAR. There are other companies such as CUBE and ATI
      which are also under consideration for the Sony

      Its NOT a Given that BRCM has the design win.
      Nicholas IF HE DOESN't get MOST of the chips in that box,
      will look like a FOOL.

    • how probable do you think it is that CUBE wins
      the sony business?
      i think nicholas is safe in
      'bragging' about winning the contract. if anything, nicholas
      is pretty quiet in situations where other ceos would
      be painting the tape.

    • <<Its NOT a Given that BRCM has the design

      What is your point here? It's not a given that the sun
      will come up tomorrow either. Even signed contracts
      can be voided. Henry responded to a question and
      responded given the information he had available.

      you really think he's a boob then sell your stock and
      move on. It's really strange to hear someone discredit
      a CEO for doing some very aggressive PR. Would you
      rather he issued a 'no comment' for

      Sorry, but you really sound like you have something
      personal with Nicholas.

    • Nicholas was BRAGGING PERIOD.

    • Who you gonna believe? Neither of them you've heard of. Too bad Gilmour forgot to say that their short!

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