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    I agree, but hate to take the loss

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    • I'm not an expert, but it looks like they would have had a profitable quarter if they hadn't taken the 1.9 million hardware write-off. Maybe I'm not reading it right?

    • I found this company through a web page that specializes in hot and cold stocks for a month and back in October '97 I picked this one up. It had been moving back then before all the MSFT news but has fell into a hole! I like this company too, and believe they are going to go somewhere. If they can getthis whole focus thing clear, which it sounds like they are -- only software. But, I'm in this one for the long haul, so...
      Here's one stock thats done well for me EPIQ, it markets software for chapter 11 and 7 stuff, check it out. I've been in since it was at 8 and it shot up to 20! Although it has given some back it still looks great.

      bye - Kaz

    • Pulling the same kind of reports QRTR after QRTR.
      Just getting worst.
      Read the numbers and compare with prior QRTRS(go back five years)
      I haven't seen anything from CIC that makes me think otherwise.
      Lots of deals, according to CIC. Well, the bottom line is not there. What I see is lots of ().

    • To: AT7 (528 )
      From: Roader
      Wednesday, Mar 25 1998 10:51AM EST
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      Commun Intelligence Earnings -2: 4Q, Year Fincl Table

      Dow Jones News Service via Dow Jones

      Communications Intelligence Corp. - Redwood Shores, Calif.
      4th Quar Dec. 31:
      1997 1996
      Revenues $1,546,000 $816,000
      Net income a (4,951,000) (1,935,000)
      Avg shrs (basic) 46,834,000 42,020,000
      Shr earns (basic*)
      Net income a (.11) (.05)
      Revenues 5,516,000 2,887,000
      Net income b (16,940,000) (6,356,000)
      Avg shrs (basic) 45,370,000 41,265,000
      Shr earns (basic)
      Net income b (.37) (.15)

      Figures in parentheses are losses.

      a. Includes $1.9 million in charges relating to write-offs of hardware
      inventory and prepaid licenses fees in connection with changes in the company's
      business strategy.

    • Nortel has shown it's Java Cellular Phone, in the backroom at Cebit - it blew 'em away.......includes JOT from CICI.

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