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  • Sassour Sassour Jul 8, 1998 8:19 PM Flag

    Dude from Elmira

    I have posted the facts on several occassions. I
    must however correct you; During the period in
    question, the stock was up to almost $2.00 per share in
    January (see the following chart).

    controlled interest WAS reduced according the the SEC
    filings I previously pointed out by over 1 million shares
    during the period. The links to the SEC filings were on
    the other post. Look at them if you care

    What I do not understand, therefore I cannot provide
    you with the answer, is when were the 1+ million
    shares disposed of, how were they disposed of and at
    what price. What I do know is that the shares
    controlled were reduced during the period between 12/97 &
    3/98. That is what I have been trying to find

    If Mr. Sassower is as smart as everyone believes,
    then the shares were most likely sold during the
    period the stock price spiked to almost $2.00 per share
    in January.

    If anyone has the answer, your
    input is welcome.

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    • 11/10/9709:01Dauphin Introduces Fastest and Most
      Versatile Hand-Held Computer For Mobile Applications
      Newswire, 1996 words
      Included in text under Operating
      Systems is Windows w/CIC pen support.
      Check it out.

    • I don't know that Dauphin Orasis uses cici.

    • We'll assume that everyone knows that Dauphin Orasis uses CIC technology!

    • bico has gone from 1/32- 5/32 in 3 days. You can
      get in today at 5/32. someone just boought 2 million
      shares at 1/8 and should hit 1/4 by the end of the day.
      This stock could easily go to 1/2- 1-1/2 in the next
      few weeks

    • Interesting, thanks. Does Orasis use CIC pen input tech?
      P.S. Yo guys are talking nicer now--may have to change my ID.

    • Dauphin Technology Passes FCC Class A Testing for
      New Hand-Held Computer

      Product Shipment to
      Start in Mid-July

      PALATINE, Ill., June 25
      /PRNewswire/ -- Dauphin Technology, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board:
      DNTK - news), a technology holding
      specializing in the manufacture, design and marketing of
      hand-held computers and electronic contract manufacturing,
      today announced it has passed
      Class A testing
      standards for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
      for its pioneering hand-held computer, Orasis. The
      anticipates product shipment to start in mid-July.

      ``Now that Orasis has met FCC Class A requirements,
      which we fully expected, we are clear to accelerate
      full production of units,'' said Andrew
      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. ``We anticipate that
      this innovative product, the most powerful hand-held,
      pen-based computer
      available, will now begin to
      contribute to our revenue base.''

      Working units have
      been demonstrated to potential clients in various
      markets since its introduction last fall. Passing FCC
      Class A testing will now
      allow the Company to accept
      product purchase orders. The Orasis is a full-function
      hand-held, pen-based computer, the first to incorporate
      upgradable processor reaching speeds up to 233 Mhz, using
      Intel's Pentium MMX processor, and designed for a variety
      of users in the medical,
      transportation, law enforcement, government, and financial
      industries. The versatile, lightweight computer can also
      integrate various
      accessories, including floppy drive,
      CD-ROM, GPS for global positioning, wireless radio, video
      conferencing, extended battery pack, and other
      through an expansion bus. The Company plans to sell
      Orasis to commercial buyers through software integrators
      and value-added resellers. The
      Company's sales
      force extends from coast to coast, representing many
      industries. In addition, all departments of the Company have
      been staffed to
      support anticipated product demand.

      A Dauphin subsidiary, R.M. Schultz & Associates,
      Inc. (RMS), a contract engineering and manufacturing
      services firm, is capable of assembling
      quantities of various electronic products, and will be
      utilized for the manufacture of Orasis. RMS is expected to
      significantly strengthen Dauphin's
      ability to manufacture
      and deliver the new Orasis.

      Mr. Kandalepas
      added, ``We are focused now on the roll out and full
      production of Orasis. We believe that with the power and
      upgradability of Orasis,
      we have the potential to expand the
      customer base to companies that are already using notebook
      computers in their businesses. We expect that in
      we will have higher revenues through the
      implementation of our Orasis sales and marketing strategy, as
      well as ongoing additional contributions

      Dauphin Technology is a diversified
      holding company with a subsidiary in several
      computer-related fields, including distribution,
      manufacturing and engineering. Dauphin common stock is listed
      on the over- the-counter bulletin board under the
      symbol DNTK.

      Certain matters discussed in this
      news release are forward-looking statements involving
      certain risks and uncertainties including, without
      changes in product demand, the availability of products,
      change in competition, economic conditions, various
      inventory risks due to changes in market
      conditions and
      other risks detailed in the Company's Securities and
      Exchange Commission filings and reports.

      Dauphin Technology, Inc.

      • 1 Reply to Sassour
      • this stock has bottomed out. notice that sassower
        bought about 100,000 shares@1.05 about 3 months ago. I
        just bought 13000 shares of this. The last stock I
        bought @ 1.00 went to 15.00. That stock was gmgc(General
        Magic) dONT SELL THIS STOCK .iT SHOULD HIT 2.50-3.75 by
        dec. If you really want to gamble I just bought
        bico@1/16 + bought 16000 shares of it. Another stock that
        has bottomed out is angn+ it is selling @ 2+1/8. Also
        just bought DPT @ 1+1/2. i WATCH THESE STOCKS FOR

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