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  • DogDays98 DogDays98 Aug 19, 1998 7:54 AM Flag

    FT Lawson


    Unlike investors in Ford & GM, by
    the way, CIC is no Ford or GM nor will it ever be,
    this board is filled with technology savy people or
    they would not be here. As the products using CIC
    software are relatively inexpensive compared the products
    sold by Ford & GM, people investing in the company
    might want to check out the products (something an
    investor does not casually due with products produced by
    Ford and GM).

    I don't particular care what the
    magazines are saying about Casiopeia E10, that's old news,
    but I would like to hear from ANY positive
    experiences from real users of the products. The magazine
    reporters are paid to try these products; how about those
    of us who have to pay to buy them.

    buying and using products with CIC software ?

    the way, FT, I look around our office and that of
    many business associates and the Palm Pilot is used
    quite alot; however, no one I have spoken with is using
    Palm Pilot for it's handwriting recognition
    cababilities. They ALL use it for it's scheduling capabilities
    (so the likely hood of these users upgrading to CIC's
    Jot is probably very slim.

    When JOT is sold
    with every new Palm Pilot rather than the consumers
    having to (1) Learn after the fact that JOT is available
    (since there is a ZERO marketing effort to new
    consumers); (2)Purchasers having once learned of JOT, after
    their initial purchase, having to going to the internet
    and down load JOT as replacement software for
    something they just recently purchased; then and only then
    will CIC start showing significant sales.

    IMO -
    CIC needs a marketing campaign now if they are ever
    going to do anything positive. If they wait for
    positive earnings before they beging real marketing as Mr.
    Sassower has suggested to others on this board, then there
    may be another Chapter 11 or possibly 7 this time
    around. The DOW will reach 20,000 before CICI reached
    $2.00 unless this company begins to promote what it has
    to offer. Blind Mass Mailings to buyers of Palm
    Pilots is a cheap and not necessarily very effective way
    to market a new product if that is ALL that is being

    By the way, at the Sharper image, Casiopeia E10 has
    a card next to it describing the machine and the #1
    item at the top of the list is JOT.

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