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  • lvanderslice lvanderslice Sep 19, 1998 6:09 AM Flag

    Let's tell management we want a dividend

    Let's tell management we want a dividend!
    is my suggestion for discussion here, and ideally
    action by many of us. MME has 50 million shares and has
    announced a $40 million stock buyback program. I feel that
    the money and further money could better be used to
    establish and pay a regular dividend. This would have the
    advantage of actually getting some money in our hands.
    Companies do need to earn money for their stockholders and
    some of it should actually reach the stockholders. MME
    with the $8 million already expended--at an average
    price of above $12 has just helped to bail out people
    who wisely decided to get out. (See the last 10Q)
    Dividends can enhance the stock price too. If you agree,
    you might say so here, but also please write fax or
    phone the corporation. Its addresses are given in the
    Yahoo company profile, as you know. Thanks!

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    • its meaningless. I rather have stock buy back
      to keep price up and shrink shares outstanding which
      make each share more valuable.

      What I would
      really like to see is mme put itself on the
      block, mme has long been rumored as a take over

      candidate, time for management to redeem themselves.

    • to management they are doing some good things at
      mme. however, one only need look at the recent stock
      price performance at unh, oxhp and hum to see that mme
      is sadly underperforming these 3 stocks if not in
      fundamentals then at least in perception. i am concerned with
      the fortress mentality at mme. how can mme in th e
      long run compete against the unh's, ci, aetnas etc. i
      also am concerned with the price bouncing off 5
      dollars. many instutitions cannot buy this stock if it
      drops below 5 particularly since no dividned is paid.
      remember rjr nabisco, which eventually did a 5 for 1
      reverse split to make the stock palatable to the
      institutions. with that said i am still holding my subst.
      position. alittle under water. i want to see more than
      we're on plan and to increase the stock price we plan
      to buy back stock. we heard that for a year now.
      fundamentally the stock is undervalued but we need to see
      revenue growth or good eps. hum's stock is increasing
      nicely due to expected double digit revenue
      growth--around 18%.