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  • TMANN001 TMANN001 Jun 30, 1999 9:03 AM Flag



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    • There is chance that we will go below 6.00 again
      before the trend up starts. I am waiting for some money
      to free up and I will invest 100% of my money in
      MME. I have already bought a bunch at 7.50 and am not
      upset by the price drop. My guess is that by Jan 2000,
      this puppy will be at least 9.00 plus.

      has changed with the company. I am surprised at the
      low volume today.


    • Let u know what i learn/hear in the next week or so.

    • If you didn't get it by now...this stock is a mut....

    • Did a large seller dumped these shares?

      Comments appreciated.


    • now seems to be the time to be more aggressive.
      With the company buying some of the stock back it
      means a better position for the company reserves and
      when the market turns and we sell at a profit the
      extra shares we bought to dollar cost average we can
      make twice the sauce. I'm going out for my anniversary
      to celebrate the upcoming horseradish sause that
      lainies brisket needs. Thanks for all those card and
      letter fans. Just remember....a horse is a horse
      ofcourse unless the horse is th e famous mr. B.

    • Thank you, I should have listened to your advice that MAMSI is a good trading stock. Well, this time maybe I will sell if it gets to $9.50.

      Thanks again.


    • I got back in to MME lastweek at 7.5. I have not
      heard anything bad come out of the company. I believe
      earnings are due on 11/11/99. I would think after the
      allotted time mgmt would buy back shares aggressively if
      shares languish at these prices. If it drops more I will
      buy again.

      I am hoping to get out at 9.50.

    • but unfortunately in the wrong direction.

      You said it perfectly: "Well, perhaps this is
      symptomatic of the whole sector. HMOs have fallen from grace
      for the time being, even though they're still very
      much a part of the health care solution in this

      We are in another down cycle as Congress
      and the lawyers get ready to whip up on the HMO
      sector. I don't think that is the kind of environment
      that stimulates consolidation. Our best hope is for
      spring. By then the pressure should start to build on the
      current management.

    • As a former employee AND a follower of MME, I
      can't for the life of me figure out why this stock
      doeen't break out. I also can't understand why someone
      hasn't made a run for the company. For one of the big
      players, it would be a good value. Lots of members, a
      goodly amount of cash, a huge provider network,fairly
      decent management (despite having more useless VPs than
      a bank) and some positive recognition in the
      marketplace. I'm glad I no longer own MME... I couldn't stand
      the tedium. Well, perhaps this is symptomatic of the
      whole sector: HMOs have fallen from grace for the time
      being, even though they're still very much a part of the
      health care solution in this country.

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