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  • sumdunceinla sumdunceinla Feb 24, 2009 11:43 AM Flag

    LeftWing what is your earnings estimate

    Leftwing, Clambo, in your opinions what are the chances of a EP sell off tomorrow?

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    • Sumdunce , who knows in this market . Investment grade MLP's have been getting their a$$ kicked in this week. I am still investing in issues where I can get great dividends while I wait this out , {maybe years]. I currently hold no EP common , but do have a sizeable position in EP-C . If gas does bottom out at 2 bucks as Cash suggests it might , EP is headed way lower.
      Another observation from Calmbo . Real estate here on Long Island has NOT hit the skids . Propeties are still highly valued and with the Wall Street layoffs , I would expect that these NYC bedroom communities will begin to suffer the same fate as FL and CA.
      This will all play out when the average worker can afford the average house.