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  • clambo2001 clambo2001 Sep 20, 2011 6:44 AM Flag

    If I were running for Pres .

    I would put on a hardhat , climb a Marcellus Natty Gas well derrick and declare an end to oil imports . My whole campaign would be based on putting AMERICANS to work building the infrastructure needed to convert this economy to one based on Natty GAS. Pa has added 75,000 great paying gas jobs in a year and a half .
    Kennedy spoke of putting a man on the moon . I would run on clean DOMESTIC natural gas , and put hundreds of thousands to work !!!!!!!!
    Drill baby drill

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    • Well, it's heresy to say this, I know, but...shale gas development is NOT necessarily "clean energy" as opposed to conventional gas; the two are not the same. The total greenhouse-gas footprint from shale gas exceeds coal; fracking-return fluids present potential huge problems; local air pollution from cancer-causing benzene can occur, etc.. In short, it is not green enery. And the USGS's most recent report concludes DOE has over estimated the Marcellus shale reserves by an astounding five-fold. Hey, don't get me wrong, I'm in deep in investments in shale gas, too. But I hope we don't find ourselves caught up in another boom and bust venture like the dot-com bubble.

    • Because it doesn't fit with his "rocket scientist" boy" Chu's vision of our energy future. I am sure chu is very smart but he is just another one of obama's impractical college professor types who knows nothing about the real energy economy. Other than boosting the millage standards, we have seen little to nothing out of the current adminstration to improve our energy future

    • Oils anywhere from the low to mid 80's......Obama releases 30 million barrels of oil from our strategic reserve some months ago for what reason????? I surely didn't see gas prices go down at all. No news about that! When Obama took office gas was under 2 bucks a gallon. Now with 80 dollar barrel and realeasing reserves it's still well over 3. Natural gas all over the place and here we sit.......... The best thing he could do for the economy is resign! Vote Nov 2012!!!!

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      • I disagree, he needs to stay in office long enough to get schellacked.

        Will the RINO's that run the R party have enough sense and organization to make sure he has a postit note labeled: Failed SOCIALIST/ LIBERAL/ DEMORAT policies on his forhead when he gets kicked to the curb.

        It's not the man that needs to be defeated it's his Liberal no growth, control agenda that needs to be plastered and defeated for all to see/ know.

        Otherwise it comes right back in a different suit/ skirt.

        Elect, Purge, Repeat, Party

    • Why does the Obama Administration refuse to acknowledge the total "upside" of Natural Gas???
      Please people....go vote in Nov of 2012!!!

    • There may be some cultural issues in the oil patch. I am thinking there is a reason Obama does most of his stumping in a factory setting. Few minorities work in the oil patch. If you are going to work for the man you need to ride for the brand!