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  • boycottepg boycottepg Dec 7, 2000 10:12 AM Flag

    Just my Thoughts!

    I just can't take it anymore! How stupid can
    ElPaso Energy be? How dare they come over to San Antonio
    and tell us that the cost of living is comparable to
    living in Houston. Do they actually believe that were
    stupid enough to believe that. I mean come on don't they
    know that we've been working overtime on the internet
    for the last year researching ever possible scenario
    and checking out everything from the cost of homes,
    food, insurance, not to mention the crazy commute
    times. Sure it's comparable if you live 50 miles out but
    then you end up working a minimum of 2 hrs more a day.
    Yeah ElPaso that's what I want to do! Move to Houston
    & have to pay more out of my pocket for insurance,
    housing, food, & be away from my family 2 more hours a
    day, All just to say I work for El Paso Energy. "I
    DONT THINK SO". In fact I just can't believe that
    anyone would go! I believe the only folks that are
    willing to go are the ones that might be close to the
    retirement age and need to hang on for 5 years or so and the
    others simply don't have any skills and are worried
    about trying to market themselves on the open market.

    To all my colleague's, think about this scenario.
    Lets just say that the only place on the earth to find
    a job is in Houston. Why wouldnt you take the years
    pay (if applicable) and go to work for Enron, Reliant
    or one of the other majors and start over fresh! All
    you be losing is a few weeks of vacation! And if your
    good enough you might not even loose that!

    wish EPG would come out with their business statement.
    It would probably go like this! "We here at ElPaso
    like to pay our employee's middle scale of the
    industry but work them as if were the best, have great
    moral and a competitive workplace while providing you
    the general public adequate if not comparable

    There I said it!

    Merry Christmas:-) baaaaa

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    • of course, the land of steers and queers

    • Thanks for the correction.

    • When will the stocks come back up? Isn't Richard Simmons from Texas???

    • Good question: Prior to a merger of this size
      Wall street anaylists do what is called Influxing of
      the company. This means the stocks are bottom lined
      with the price of inflation. The investors drop the
      stock to make a quick profit and wherein the stocks
      plummet for a short time. We are in the final steps of
      this merger and the stocks will shortly drop hard and
      fast. When the anaylists make all there money they will
      let company investors buy back some of the stocks
      back at a lower price. This will lessen the capitol
      gains taxes they are responsibly for. In short they and
      the big shots of the company win again. The chimps as
      they say are in the streets again.. I hope that
      explained this in short.

    • Were all these institutions built and funded by Gov. Bush ?

    • Here is what I do not understand. Electricity is
      getting more and more scare, e.g. California issues last
      week. This should be good for natural gas and
      increasing customers, natural gas prices are rising. There
      is a significant cold front from Alberta on its way
      to the US and will freeze most everything in the
      lower 48 yet this stock is losing ground. Why? Anybody
      got a theory???

    • I don't know if it really matters anymore but you spelled medicine wrong!!!!!!!! O.K. Texas has hospitals like every other state I'M IMPRESSED.....Can we talk about something else...

    • So let it be said and let it be written. A close before Christmas would be fittin.

    • Boyco..., have you been talking to Olivia? I
      heard the commute is not that bad (20-15 miles). Homes,
      food, etc. are the same depending on where you shop -
      even less if you go to Sams. If you take into account
      the cash you'll get for relocation expenses, you will
      win and you will still be in the Great state of
      Texas. The ones complaining should be those moving from
      ELP TX to Colorado Springs. That's a cost of living
      difference. Add state taxes to your list. But then again they
      are probably getting a generous adjustment. Who

      oh, and EPG does have a business
      statement. See and click on
      our values.

      Hope you can find a job in San
      Antonio next to your house. Good luck to you.

      • 2 Replies to elptxman
      • Dear Elptxman: First off I'd like to say that I
        like Houston. It has lots of things to offer such as
        excellent museums, restaurants, arts and cultural
        opportunities that are not available in El Paso (I know -- I
        grew up in that area). However, if you plan to commute
        from 15 - 20 miles out, you will need to allow about
        an hour each way. Sorry - the traffic flows are bad.
        Many people leave there homes by 5:45 am in order to
        avoid some of the traffic. If you are looking at a
        house in the suburbs I highly suggest that you try and
        drive what would be your path to work DURING your
        commuting hours to see if you think you can live with the
        traffic. One note: we do have a public bus system and High
        occurpancy vehicle lanes (for car-poolers) that can
        significanty help lessen the traffic head aches.

        you plan on living in a fairly good neighborhood with
        a 15 - 20 minute commute, be prepared for housing
        sticker shock. For instance, homes in Bellaire run about
        150,000 for a 3 bed, 1 bath bungalow. Many of those are
        being torn down but the new houses going up are in
        excess of $450,000. There are other close by areas but
        the costs are definitely higher than the houses
        further out. Also, Houstons' property tax rate of nearly
        $3.00 / $100 assessed value came as somewhat of a shock
        to me. Am not sure how high El Paso's rates are
        these days. Another cost that is substantially higher
        is car insurance (Harris county is behind New York
        City and Chicago in this area - you can check out your
        rates and your needs with your agent).

        I am not
        trying to paint a gloomy picture for you -- as I said --
        there are lots of pluses too. Just be prepared. In my
        opinion there is definitely a cost of living increase
        when coming from El Paso to Houston.

      • Boy where have you been living? Don't you think
        we have a Sam's here and it dosnt pay to shop there
        as well unless you 4 or more in your family, Yeah
        that's all I need is 2 gallons of mayo, 4 pounds of
        coffee and 600 slices of bacon. Do me a favor! I live 4
        miles from our office and live in a real nice
        neigborhood and my home cost $92,000 could you see if you
        could find me one for the same price within 5 miles.
        I'll tell you what I'll even give you a 10% cushion.
        If you find one I bet it will need $100,000 worth of
        work. Anyone wanting to drive to work's going to have
        to pay a minimum of $100 or more for parking so
        there's a cost of living raise there alone, yeah I know
        what your going to say (ride the bus) and I realize
        that is a option, But I'm like to compare apples to
        apples (quality of life were I was to the place my
        Company or I should say YOUR Company wants me to move

        Your right the El Paso folks are getting it stuck to
        them even more and the word is that their not going to
        get a cost of living raise as well. I believe they'll
        get a 30% bonus of their base pay which gets lowered
        over a 3 year period.

        Texas is a Great State I
        agree (born and raised)& thanks for the kind words and
        yes I've already found a job and it's even closer to
        my home for the same money. NO BS!

        Good Luck
        to you with your El Paso career!

    • If you think the situation looks bleak based upon
      what you currently know, just wait until the merger
      has finalized. Then you will discover, after you have
      lost your sick time and have surrendered up to 5
      vacation days to keep the benefits package remotely
      reasonable, in any area other than elpaso texas your're
      getting screwed.
      Elpaso's opinion of services that are
      fair and customary are those obtainable from a family
      physician that will also examine your cattle while working
      out of a pickup truck. For those in the north, you're
      gonna be paying big bucks!

      • 1 Reply to gazman38
      • strange, but we all kinda wondered why we would
        use a medical facility in Houston for heart or cancer
        problems when we live in michigan. At our benefit meeting
        it was stated that these type of treatments must be
        handled in Houston. We have some of the best medical
        facilities in the world here in the detroit area. I suspect
        your right, these benefits are pretty lame. Gee does
        YOUR GREAT STATE also have the best medical treatment
        market in the country as well? I hardly think so.