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  • cal_latham cal_latham Oct 14, 2003 5:58 PM Flag


    Lest we lose sight of the fact....

    OPY closes over 30.

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    • If you call a member of a fraternity a "frat" boy, what do you call someone from the country?

    • Nice comment about the ghetto. You fell just short of calling me a nigger. Do you hate all niggers or just the one's in the ghetto? How do you feel about kikes, spics, micks and dagos?

      By the way...we don't have a ghetto in the city I live in. We've priced the poor folk outta the market.

      Why do you hate choppenchurner?

    • i'm having fun too, mr. projection! or should i say mr.liar since "this isn't your cup of tea" (boo-hoo), yet you are still answering...nice to know i can have so much an effect that you simply can't help yourself! i should charge you for this therapy session junior...

    • circus all you've done is made everyone laugh in my office. You are a bad joke, you let your emotions take control, that makes you lose sight of what is at hand. But I am not here to tell you what that is. ADIOS AMIGOS KEEP'EM COMING BOYS we'll continue to have a good laugh here. Oops. Did I just use the word "boy"s?


    • I thought you were above all of this? I thought you were to say no more? Darn...
      Thank you for the sociology lesson, back-peddler...YOU must know that whenever someone speaks colloquially of the ghetto, no one sees white folks,so spare me your impotent little attempt to justify your latent issues...Who said anything about "pure white"???
      You really should say au revoir, adios,
      kwa heri, sayonara, farvel and auf wiedersehen and mean it this time, mister pompous.

    • LOL. The ghetto, as you must know, is not just black/brown/yellow or what have you, it is also white. Go to middle America and then you'll see how poor white america can be. And thanks for the latin lesson, I should have just written ADIOS. The thing here is that you are one of those people who mirror themselves after those whose ass they kiss. Go and enjoy your pure white frat boy's ass and I'll just continue to laugh at the utter nonsense that goes on here. By the by the word boy was used as it's meant to be used and not in the context that YOU took it in. I guess English will ALWAYS be my fourth language :( C'est la vie


    • Boys, enough of this circus. Let's focus on the real circus - the joke (I mean firm) known as Budstock.

    • isn't that pot calling the kettle black??

      YOU brought up "ghetto" and "BOY" and now that you are called on your digressions, you try to put on airs? Puh-lease!!
      --and it's "adieu" not "ADIU"...

      most of us are just venting here, that's all--if you are an emotionally unstable sort, please, yes, just go away. Buh-bye.

    • Listen, I will not fall into this vicious cycle everyone is in. This is the last thing I will say... The racism and idiocy that goes on in this message board is not my cup of tea. I should have never gotten involved. Keep your insatiable distaste of this firm and continue your vociferous disgust with bud and bud lite for IT WILL NOT accomplish any of your goals. We will all be gone and those two idiots will still be here. Just like Cher and raoches. Good luck to all of you...I will say nothing else. :-I


    • what are you talking about??? "josephthal" is obviously some smartass white frat boy...your effete analogy about the "ghetto" only highlights your pretzel logic and utter lack of sophistication in the art of polemics...

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