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  • heroforhire2008 heroforhire2008 Jan 11, 2005 2:27 PM Flag

    where are you?

    hey Luke, cat got your tongue? so opco, any word on bonuses?

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    • Greatstockpicker, give me a break, your remedial/spelling skills need to be checked, as I am educated unlike you. A typo isn't indicative of anything other than typing fast. Stop bashing me because you're a loser who is uneducated and obviously not a real wall street person. Now go back to being the janitor, which is what you really are since YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO SPELL OR COUNT - F***ing MORON!!!!!!

    • hun, either take a remedial english/spelling course or stop posting on this board. In a typical message of 18 words, you misspell 16 and misuse the other two.
      Do us a favor.
      Throw your ten-year-old computer out of your tenement window, and stick your mouse in a warm, damp place.

    • The fry-o-lator guy or the guy who know the real scoop? Unfortunatly, I do work for Bud. A lot of his hardworking people are leaving and he could care less. Management only cares about themselves and won't offer up any more pay or fight for decent bonus'. I'm just waiting to hand in my 2 weeks, what a joyous day it will be.

    • Do you want the real scoop on working at Opco? The place sucks. People are leaving, there are workers at all levels sharing recruiter information. Bonus' were the worst on the street - based on yrs of service and not how the company performed. Bud is an @$$h**e. Now I know why Cowen got rid of him. All season long, we got thanked for having a great year. Well it was great for him. He owns half the company. He's running it into the ground. The only hope for those who have no chance of moving, is that the jerk sells the company to the highest bidder. I don't care about if you want to buy this pig or not, it's up to you but if you want my opinion, spent your money on Google, at least they have happy employees.

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      • Isn't your post sad but true. Bud will make his dough on the backs of the people that remain at the firm after their predecessors have been sucked up and dry. From what I hear, none of the firms that Bud bought were known for ethics driven people, but those people had one thing in common: they liked who they worked for. What a shame for the people that have to remain at this firm for one reason or another. But hey, that's wall street.

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