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  • ymh_ymh_ymh ymh_ymh_ymh Apr 21, 2005 5:52 AM Flag

    Bob Okin of OPY, shame on you for

    taking my $6M team out of BSC/Atlanta.

    I must hand it to Bud, that was a good payback for all the great OPY producers we removed in the past 2 years.

    For those of you who don't know, Greg Fisher and Rafael Borja Samperio recently left Bear in Atlanta to join team Bud (not BUD, which is a dud).

    Chag s'meach to one and all! Please LEHve my brokers alone going forward. Take them away from someone else.

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    • what a joke--- fisher was told that bsc did not want his business and gave him a deadline to leave----- fahnshlock did bsc a favor by taking them, and would have had no shot at him if bsc did not ask his clients to leave...good old opy only firm on wall street to take him... good luck with that one--- thanks for taking him and his clients---

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      • That's okay, I have 4 Smith Barney types lined up ready to sign up to replace them (gross production for the team at $7.8M). Gordon Morse wasn't crying too much over their departure and neither was Steve Dantus.

        I am advising you right now to never use that YHOO ID again. You don't want me to contact the SEC/DOJ to find out who you are then contact the NASD to find out why you used that YHOO ID to hype under $2.00 gold mining securities, do you? If you can't get the pigs to move using your name, then why don't you hire some Canadian stock promoter in Vancouver to do it for you?

        BTW, I am flattered that you think so highly of me. If it's a matter of you being gender conflicted, may I suggest you get some help?

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