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  • marginguy marginguy Mar 15, 2006 7:47 PM Flag


    he owns a pile of shit

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    • I'm a shareholder too and have been laid off by other companies, never been treated as unfairly as Oppy. The place is just a sweat shop. Call me what you want but they have incompetent people running the show.

    • Glad to hear that things are working out for you. Either way, I had to leave Oppy. Not the worst place to work on the street but it would have been nice to have been appreciated for the knowledge that was necessary to make the FA's live's and the SA's lives a lot easier. I couldn't tell you how many times I had to walk thru paperwork with FAs and SAs, so they would only have to meet with their clients once. Not once did the management team compensate me for my hard work. All I got were more headaches. None the less, it was not a bad time, I learned a lot not only from Oppy but because of Oppy. Good Luck to you, and when Bud sells, I hope someone in the clerical area knows what they are doing, so when you have to go back to your clients to repaper everything, you only have to do it once. I know I saved a lot of people time with thier clients after the merger.

    • Absolutely.

      Yet as a broker I'm having my third record year in a row and I'm being well-paid for it. Clerical competence seems about the same as at the big wirehouses at which I've worked, systems are only so-so, but pay-outs are much better than my buddies at Smith Barney and such receive.

      Sorry if Opco hurt you, chum.

    • Does it matter? Still a vital part of the organization. Without clerical help, the FA's couldn't do what they are supposed to do, sell. Correct?

    • Clerical help?

    • I'm only bashing Oppy, because they let a lot of good talent leave, mainly b/c of low pay. My area lost a lot of great people b/c the pay stinks and bonus' are almost non-existent(sp)in just over 17 months they've lost well over 20 people, in a dept of 45/50. A very high turnover rate - worse than the hospitality industy. How is someone supposed to live on a low salary and broken promises?
      Just shedding light, nothing more.

      BTW, I'm a shareholder, so when Oppy does well, I get the advantages of increased stock price.

    • The only reason why I left was because of no raises for 2 years and promotions to idiots. How is someone supposed to live without at least a COLA raise? Especially when the company has made a lot of money. I don't know where you live but Oppy is not necessarily the place to work in NYC, there are a lot better places to work - with a lot better pay, just ask Condos and Roberts.

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