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  • superbmomentum superbmomentum Mar 23, 2012 3:46 AM Flag

    The New "New Era"

    The Random Walk Down Wall Street author is wrong.  Investing is not about mediocre, safe decisions...investing is a means to embrace risk taking and induce excitement, oh yes, and in the process, making more money than the next guy!

    My philosophy is simple. Investing, as in life, is about the competitive advantage in the market place..It's all about performing above the median investor, not matching the performance of a passive index...Perhaps you can blindly pick a precut asset allocation strategy made up of index funds and make some money in the process.  Only problem is, your portfolio will have performed the same as your neighbor, your boss or even the pizza delivery guy!...if you're not willing to take a risk at trying to pick the right investment advice and attempt to beat the passive index, you will forever be stuck in the middle...

    Perhaps its good to view it this way: Imagine you are a spectator at a sporting event and you stand up to get a better view point.  Now if the majority stands up along with you, you will not get a better view point, you will have effectively lost your advantage...

    Or another example:  If you are at the theater and you spot smoke: will you yell fire or will you quietly head for the exit?  If you yell fire, everyone will head for the exits and you might not make it out alive!

    There are times in life when you can practice unselfish behavior, it's just that for me, risk taking is not one of them....

    Alea iacta est!

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