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  • superbmomentum superbmomentum May 16, 2012 2:03 PM Flag

    Fresh Tea Leaves...

    My past posts:

    Spread Risk or Avoid Risk? 21-Nov-11
    There are opportunities abroad, in Frontier Markets, Emerging Markets and yes, even in Developed Markets like Europe (Sweden, Netherlands, England, etc.) To me, there is going to be more than just a change in investment fashions. The old answers to basic investment questions will not work anymore. – Today: Triple A rated European Bonds are doing well, so are other international bond markets…

    Shooting Blanks! 14-Jan-12
    It means that the US economy was shooting blanks! By practicing safe sex with more fertile counterparts the investor is now well positioned in international safe paper! And to those suggesting that the economy through the recent stock market performance has shown signs of recovery, I’ll just mention two simple words: sperm count! The complete lack of volume (25% of what the count was just a few years ago) is not a sign of a healthy person. – Today: Despite the good performance in stocks, the economy was not growing as fast (or at all) as some believed…and international safe paper is now in favor…

    The "New Era" Thinking 10-Feb-12
    The industry as a whole sits idly while the overall public sentiment has turned against us. Our inadequate communicational attempts have resulted in main-street having predetermined beliefs about the whole global financial system. Allied to this theme is our recent experience of being whipsawed by Mr. Market! Today: Financials are being whipsawed by Mr. Market!

    The New "New Era" 23-Mar-12
    If you're not willing to take a risk at trying to pick the right investment advice and attempt to beat the passive index, you will forever be stuck in the middle...There are times in life when you can practice unselfish behavior, it's just that for me, risk taking is not one of them....Alea iacta est! – Today: “Ceasar” was indeed rolling the dice…and lost money in the process…

    GLD 3-Apr-12
    To me, gold is the most mispriced asset class in the markets today and its continuous resiliency provides evidence that it’s still falsely perceived as the best investment opportunity/safe haven vehicle in the market place… which, paradoxically, might further reinforce my expectation for a sharp drop in price…we’ll just have to wait and see.. – Today: ......

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