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  • superbmetamorphosis superbmetamorphosis Apr 16, 2014 7:39 PM Flag

    Stocks Were Still Your Best Buy

    So how was the article from 1994 shared 3 months ago relevant today? If you took the time to read the entire article..(it was actually titled: “STOCKS ARE STILL YOUR BEST BUY Yes, they look expensive -- but a strengthening economy offers plenty of opportunity. A look at the business cycle will help you pick the right sectors.”)

    So the question in this article wasn’t whether the stock market will perform well or not but that if you pick the right industries to invest in, then stocks are still your best buy.

    As the article reads: “The road to riches requires looking at the parts of the stock market that are not aging and worn out but merely primed to take off as the economy's engines roar on. BUYING STOCKS that perform best in an economic upswing will involve a few decisions: Do you want a stock that has already performed well, or do you want to go with stocks just starting to turn?”

    So how relevant were those industry picks in 1994 to their performance in 2014? Let’s take a closer look at those industries’ YTD performance. With only one industry in the red (steel) the rest of the picks were among the highest performing so far in 2014. On aggregate if one had picked these sectors he/she would have outperformed the S&P 500 by many % points even as the market as a whole is pretty much flat:

    Aluminum +20%
    Gold +12%
    Airlines +10%
    Silver +9%
    Trucking +6%
    Railroads +2%
    Chemicals +2%

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