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  • jojan581 jojan581 Apr 28, 2002 10:48 PM Flag

    States in Hot Water.!!!

    A former attorney general of New Mexico, says " state prosecutors should think carefully before they branch out beyond their traditional functions such as prossecuting criminals, enforcing consumer laws and advising state governments".> Most States, are required to seek competitive bids on all lawsuits.< >The Constitution, looms bigger and bigger with each passing day, Supreme Court, where are thee?<

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    • LOL!

      So maybe SQL should be part of every OS...maybe even Microsoft Office is part of Windows....?

      It seems to be clear that Microsoft thinks that anything that is given away at no charge is part of the OS (IE and media player) where things that are sold are applications.

      It is still strange how even inside Microsoft, documentation still refers to "Internet Explorer 6.0" as if it were an application when in court, it is just a feature of Windows. If Microsoft was really serious about hiding the fact that IE is an application, they should simply refer to it as "the browser feature" and it certainly shouldn't have a release number (it's a dead give-away for an application).

    • Hey sap, keep whining, you drove the stock up again at the close!

      What a chump!

    • Corrected:

      <God forbid that out of the millions upon millions of people in my head, two should have a similar attitude and/or opinion on a subject that affects billions of people.>

    • God forbid that out of the millions upon millions of people on the Web, two should have a similar attitude and/or opinion on a subject that affects billions of people.

      You're just not quite all there in the head, are you.

      So sorry.

    • n on this board.

      If this ain't Click, it's a great impersonation from a guy who speaks broken English.

    • click_to_be_an_ibm_bagholder click_to_be_an_ibm_bagholder May 6, 2002 3:02 PM Flag

      "You seem to HAVE A PROBLEM with capitalizing words in your sentences. "

      You MEAN like THIS? Sorry, BUTT I have been preoccupied with LOSING my ASS. See for YOURSELF.

      Got TO cut this SHORT. I have TO call my BROKER and tell HIM to average DOWN from my $104 basis. AGAIN.

    • When dealing with text-only media:


      YOU are showing your *juvenile* level of _experience_and_knowledge_!

      God, I hate people who have never known anything but GUI word processors, and think the entire world revolves around the Whendoze PC.

      All your money that currently isn't cash in your wallet, is currently sitting in one of two places.

      1. A DB2 database on an IBM mainframe running OS/390 or Z/OS.

      2. A massive UNIX system.

      The world doesn't revolve around the desktop PC. It revolves around large scale processing complexes, where there's absolutely no Microsoft to be seen, anywhere.

      Remember that.

    • >but would either of you faint athe the thought

      I didn't. In fact, I watched with interest. Sorry about the spelling error. I cannot recall the last time I used that word.

    • same goes for "quotations" and repeated asking of "You do understand that..." and emphasis on reading technical articles that are NOT paid by MSFT.

      All of these are tools used to attempt to penetrate the thick grey matter in a softies head. You do understand that we are talking about your BRAIN, right?

    • >>So we all have to suffer with these caps because
      you need special help? Doesn't seem fair to the
      rest of us. <<

      Life sucks and then you get stuck with Microsoft!

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