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  • forestgunk forestgunk Oct 9, 2002 4:46 PM Flag

    My Fellow Americans

    Do you ever get the feeling I'm just playing at being "President"? Do you ever notice how good I look when I strut across the stage to my "Presidential Podium" or when I amble toward the "Presidential Helicopter" with Laura and the dog?

    Yep being "President" is goooooood!, as Dad used to say. I can start wars, throw the economy into a death spiral, crash the stock market, create deficits, unemploy millions of workers, take the price of oil to $50.00 a barrel for Dick and the boys, and for an encore I can even invoke the Taft Hartley Act aganst those "commie" dock workers who don't want to be obsoleted by technology. The nerve of those people!

    But you ain't seen nothing yet... If the UN doesn't go along with me, I a gonna send thousands of our troops to take care of that "evildoer" Sadam Hussain. I'll show the world that I can be their "President" too!

    Yep, being "President" is alright! Don't you think?

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