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  • cigarbat cigarbat Dec 30, 2002 2:07 AM Flag

    what's Linux?

    Breaking the law, that's your opinion and some pin head beaureaucrat.

    It's the FREE MARKET SYSTEM. It brings good things to life.

    They can only interfere with the system.

    But then again, YOUR RIGHT, I just realized, we need to all live in our apartments, work in the communal compound next door, let you decide whats good and proper for us to have and behold, then the world will be one again.

    We'll all be happy and content. Each one of us will do our part and their will be no need for any caste or level. We'll all make 7.75 per hour, cause why should anyone make more than that. Even, our, oh so fond homeless person, he too will make 7.75 per hour for being homeless, poor fellow.

    And, Now I can sleep in bliss, cause I know the world is righteous.

    What a fucking moron. Did you just fall off a turnip truck?

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