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  • wise_o1d_man wise_o1d_man Mar 11, 2003 7:43 PM Flag

    ► Facing Evil

    You guys really amaze me as you struggle to find logic in being a chicken shit when it comes to facing evil. Sure, we may piss off a bunch of people, but that�s better than standing around and doing nothing. Iraq, North Korea and Iran and other countries, which I won�t name at this time, are building WMD and you guys are looking for ways to appease them.

    If you think they won�t use them against us then I suggest you rewind your videotape and watch the 9/11 attacks again. The Israeli problem is real and I do agree that Israel should vacant the West Bank. Being an American I have always protested us taking sides with Israel with this issue, because I feel they stepped over the line (literarily) years ago.

    As far as the terrorists goes, they hate you, me and everyone else in the free world simply because we are stronger, richer and stand for human rights and free speech. Not for one minute do you really think a terrorist group wouldn�t use WMD against us if they had the chance? I agree that terrorists could attack us with other weapons besides WMD, but the impact is a whole lot less. The bottom line is that they will attack us if given the chance and it�s just a matter of what weapons they will have at their disposal.

    You guys really do sound like the French and even the English way back in 1938 when the Nazis where building up their army. The world community just sat around and made logical excuses for not standing up to them and thus, caused millions and millions of innocent people to be slaughter in the end. You gentlemen are cowards and all you�re doing is trying to justify it with statements of fear and collusion.

    I hope this message finds some truth within you men and that you start to face the truths of reality when facing evil. For evil�s greatest strength is making people think it doesn�t exist.

    Good Evening Gentlemen,

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    • I was being factitious, HC. Did you ever read Lil' Bush's West Point speech? I'm glad his crowd only aims for a New American Century, not a 1000 Year Reich. The people of the world can survive that, I think. Kind of like Fahrenheit 451.

      And on a related topic, is MSFT a deal or what? All this puffery on a rumor of Iraqi defections? And WTF does *that* have to do with Windoze?

    • You're right - bringing in Slovenia and Croatia was a low blow. I'm realize a country's sincere opinions matter quite a bit in the New World Order/New American Century or whatever it's called.

      Right again - the federal government isn't constitionally mandated to provide health care, nor, for that matter environmental protection, an SEC, an FCC, the Federal Reserve, FDA, NIH, CDC, NASA, Unemployment Insurance, H1-B visas or farm subsidies. Do Iraqi civil servants come under the umbrella?

      When Iraq's oil becomes de-santioned, free-flowing oil revenue will go to the the US' military government or "new regime" to pay for the "reconstruction". That assumes the country stays intact and the oil wells function and so on, and so on...

      But, I doubt the actual invasion costs are going to be reimbursed. Since Bush never spells out what the costs are or the future of Iraq, I guess you are right - again - he hasn't lied on those points. That bastard Clinton sure lied though, eh?

      "<See, they already figured in the Iraqi oil/gas reserves...>

      If that was the plan I believe the administration would not repeatedly state that it isn't. It makes it much tougher to change later. This isn't Clinton we're dealing with here remember.

    • <CBS didn't have any trouble finding him.>

      right- they just looked up his address in the YELLOW pages.

    • lol- seen her lately?-- the jenny jones thing didn't work-- put a mustche on her and she could be sh look-a-like.

    • CBS didn't have any trouble finding him.

      If the look-alikes started turning up with "lead poisoning" it might not seem like such a good gig.

    • That sounds a lot like the job description for Monica Lewinsky's job as a Whitehouse intern!

    • <Once again - the simple solution is to send in CIA snipers and take out Hussein>

      if only that simple. SH is running ads in all the iraqi newspapers--all one-- for look-alikes--pay isn't that great but u get to live in a palace, where a funny hat, and shoot off a rifle.

    • >Bottom line without French flip-flop the world is with us.<

      I think you are giving France too much credit here. As of today we have "no" votes from China, Russia, Mexico and the Frogs.

      Once again - the simple solution is to send in CIA snipers and take out Hussein. Force the new regime to accept UN arms inspectors. Skip the occupation, the body bags full of young Americans, and focus on getting this country back on it's feet.

    • "Well if they try to steal the Iraqi oil and take over the fields I'll be with you and be working to throw the bums out."

      I doubt we'll declare "them oil fields are ours now". But I bet Haliburton will be "selling" plenty of equipment to the "new Iraq".

      "Clinton's lying about sex was just where he got most definitively and publicly caught."

      Oh now. Come on. Don't forget all the other "investigations", which had just as good financing by the Arkansas Project gang. And all they could come up with was a BJ?

      "That lack of ethics permeated his administration."

      Just because our current leaders wrap themselves in the flag and hold up the bible doesn't mean they're any more ethical. I'll take someone lying about his sex life over someone lying about my country's future anytime.

      "There have been a lot of accusations of unpure motives attached to Bush but so far no evidence."

      It will become widely known eventually.

    • "If that was the plan I believe the administration would not repeatedly state that it isn't. It makes it much tougher to change later. This isn't Clinton we're dealing with here remember."

      Right. There's no lying about sex here. Just lying about things that actually affect the american people.

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