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  • dk12065 dk12065 Mar 14, 2004 9:36 PM Flag

    A Call to All Americans

    The United States of America and its citizens today represent the strongest single power in the history of civilization. We are the top country economically, intellectually and ethically. As such we represent the perfect target.

    Up until recently, humanity was comprised of scattered tribes and those in the vicinity of one another were in constant contention for dominance. Today, nothing has changed except that the scale is global. We must not deny the inherent human characteristic to challenge those in power and to justify one's actions in doing so as a birthright. In reality, such challenges are simply a manifestation of one ugly, powerful human attribute, jealousy.

    As Americans, we are collectively clearly the dominant power in the world. We must not allow the jealousy of other nations and other groups to weaken us. For any of us to look in the mirror and deny that we love this country and wish to contribute to its superiority is equivalent to denying one's human need to belong to a group and to prosper. Sure our enemies must feel the same way but, regardless of ethnicity, we are all Americans and we all have a stake in maintaining global superiority.

    Do not let the rogue Al Qaeda attacks weaken our resolve. Don't be fooled, such groups are driven by jealousy, not some abstract religious teachings. The true threat of such groups is not nuclear or biological, but economic. Work hard, buy stocks and love one's family. Only by acknowledging that the true enemy of the United States is jealousy can we band together to maintain the wealth, prosperity and superiority that we currently enjoy.

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    • clickwad_you_fat_canuck_bastard clickwad_you_fat_canuck_bastard Mar 15, 2004 10:08 AM Flag

      <<If you could never pay for software again (legally)would you do it?>>

      Not the worthless freeware trash like OpenOriface or Limpdows.

      <<If you could find a way to do without anti-virus software>>

      For how long? OpenSores means EVERYONE has access to the code...even criminal types. How long before they target Linux like they do MSFT?

      The hatred for MSFT will simpley transfer to a hatred of OpenSores....but this time the source code is avaible to the criminals.


      <<would you do it?>>


    • <|IMO it's the softies that are jealous of the people who are able to do without Microsoft.

      ROFL. >

      If you could never pay for software again (legally)

      would you do it?

      If you could find a way to do without anti-virus software

      would you do it?

    • <I've only found one short that presented 2 pretty good articles on linux that changed my view a little bit, but not my faith in msft. seriously, when you were a kid were you hit in the head by the windows icon or what, your hate runs deep and bitter.>

      1994, when I started using Linux.

      My main reasons were

      Linux didn't BSOD
      Linux had MUCH better multitasking
      Linux was a true concerrent multiuser system.
      Linux had better window managers.

      I kept using Linux because

      Linux became easier to intall each year


      Debian had apt-get package management (which still blows anything Microsoft has)

      Linux had better remote administration
      I like the ability to remotely administer a machine and not interupt the user.

      With GPL you can change the source code.

      You don't have a stupid anti-copy license.

      You can network install it with the latest patches.

      It saves me money.

      <You don't see me bashing linux,>

      I see Microsoft bashing Linux.

    • >>"I hate Microsoft" returns 6440 hits on google. <<

      Here is a good link on the subject:

    • <Does that mean you capitulate? You agree that Linux can be crummy and a threat?>

      I agree that Steve has a lot of expertise with marketing crummy software.

    • Let's stop the BS about Bush's "strong leadership" post-9-11 and set the record straight.

      1. Bush took power

      2. Bush ignored the threat of terrorism

      3. 9-11 occured

      4. Bush was indecisive in that kindergarten class

      5. Bush then hid out in Nebraska while his staff invented a "threat" to Air Force One to justify his absence

      6. Bush went to war against Afghanistan (so far okay)

      7. But instead of finishing the job, he let Bin Laden, Omar Mullah, and lots of Taliban and Al Qaeda to escape

      8. Why did they get away? Because they diverted intelligence and military assets to fight a non-threat in Iraq

      9. And how do we know Iraq was a non-threat? Because they invented evidence to justify the war and lied to Congress and the American people

      10. They botched the occupation of Iraq, and close to 700 allied and countless Iraqis have paid the ultimate price, and more continue to do so

      11. They botched the occupation of Afghanistan, as the US-backed government controls nothing more than Kabul, and the rest of the country is a haven for terrorists, religious fanatics, opium producers, and regional warlords

      12. And now, over two years after 9-11, the administration is finally training all of our intelligence and military resources toward capturing Osama Bin Laden

      The Net Net:
      Bush's leadership on national security is a FAILURE.

      And EVERTHING ELSE has been a total disaster.


    • good point, but at least his articles were from better sources than some weak newsletter that is obviously the result of frustrated techies.

    • The techworld article seems to be pretty legit and informative. The vnunet article though is based in the uk. Im guessing a lot of british people dont like microsoft as half the bashers on this board keep quoting this one british website whos os board is all about the problems with microsoft. Im not sure what you guys were arguing about initially but it seems that linux is a threat but not to standard OS just smaller aspects of the market they have yet to duke out.

    • { --->we don't see Linux taking market share away from Microsoft<---

      Or is that not direct enough for you? >>

      Doesn't mean he thinks it's not a threat. Microsoft may not lose marketshare - but they sure as heck want a piece of that UNIX market.}

      He didn't say "we don't see Linux taking _existing_ market share away from Microsoft". He didn't say "we don't see Linux taking market share away from Windows". He said 'Microsoft', the company. If you are slowing a company's growth into an area, you are taking its market share away.

      He dismissed the threat.


    • << Steve would have a lot of expertise with this. >>

      Does that mean you capitulate? You agree that Linux can be crummy and a threat?



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