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  • dwb360 dwb360 Oct 13, 2004 8:05 PM Flag

    Why This Republican is Voting for Kerry

    You can give excuses but you can�t change these facts:

    1. At the start of his term the government had a balanced budget and was in the process of paying off the national debt. That surplus has been turned into a huge deficit that will take generations to repay.

    2. In Bush�s 2000 campaign he stated that he was against nation building. But today we are deeply involved in rebuilding the infrastructure and governments of both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    3. Bush said �When America uses force in the world, the cause must be just, the goal must be clear, and the victory must be overwhelming,'' The cause for going to war in Iraq has proven to be false. There were no weapons of mass destruction and there was no working relationship between Saddam and Omar Bin Laden. Overwhelming force not used and Americans are still dying because of it. There was no plan to secure the peace and no exit strategy.

    4. Bush claimed that he was a uniter instead of a divider. He has proven to just the opposite. He has divided the rich from the middle and lower classes through his tax policy. He has divided Republicans and Democrats alike with his policy towards Iraq, his stand on gay marriage, abortion and gun control. His war on Iraq, the positions that he has taken on the Kyoto global warming treaty and the antiballistic missile treaty, and his unilateralism has resulted in the loss of respect for the United States throughout the world.

    5. He said that he had a plan to reduce the U. S dependency on foreign oil. For years later and nothing has been done.

    6. Bush said that he was for renewal of the current gun control laws but took no action to encourage its passage.

    7. Bush has not made us safe. Cargo in passenger planes, baggage on trains and ferries and cargo entering our ports is still largely unchecked. In the meantime our actions in Iraq and around the world have created a whole new army of terrorists.

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    • Flash-hider, roughneck!


    • Oh yeah... you're a Republican... I believe that. Not.

      - You fail to recognize that the balanced budget was a result of the Republican congress holding the line on spending, as well as big tax revenues fostered by the dotcom era... which bust. There WAS NOT SURPLUS - it was a projected surplus measured by the inflated dotcom-era rates.

      - You fail to recognize that the real reason for the deficits are the Clinton recession and 9/11.

      - You fail to recognize that Bush's domestic and tax policy got us OUT of recession extremely quickly, and growth has been amazing since his policies were implemented.

      - What you call "nation building" the rest of intelligent America sees as protecting our country from terrorists. Are you proposing that we just left Afghanistan and Iraq alone as they harbored, trained, and supplied terrorists?

      - You think that Bush is the one dividing people in rich/poor categories - when it is the Democrats and Liberals doing so. Bush gave EVERYONE tax cuts... he wants to treat everyone equally. It is you and your liberal friends who want to screw people by classification.

      - You actually think the Kyoto treaty was a good thing... oh yeah... that's a "republican" idea. Kyoto would have lost tons of jobs.

      - You think it's more important that other countries "like us" than protecting our jobs and our national security. Sounds like John Kerry to me.

      - You say Bush has done nothing to cut dependency on foreign oil - yet he's invested heavily in alternative research, and has been pushing exploration. It was YOU LIBERALS who stopped the recovery of oil in ANWR. You are more concerned about the Caribou than the lives of our children.

      - You claim that Bush has not made us safe, and then tout all of Kerry's figures... as if Bush could just snap his fingers and make the changes without money or impact on lives. It's folks like you who fight the Patriot Act tooth and nail - and then you complain that Bush isn't keeping us safe.

      The fact is, he has made us VERY safe despite fighting LIBERALS every step of the way. He has made us much safer than Kerry ever could because he realizes that the best way to keep us safe is to stay on the offence against terrorists.

      Kerry would rather just wait until we're hit again.

      It's clear that you are NOT a Republican - you are a liberal through and through.

      Why is it that liberals need to pretend to be something else? You never see Republicans doing that...


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