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  • intentoserjusto intentoserjusto Dec 6, 2004 1:48 AM Flag

    oracle even faster on windows

    "From what we're seeing and what we're going to see next week at Oracle OpenWorld, that's going to change. Oracle is embracing Windows and made a commitment to work with Microsoft and with Unisys," Manter said. The result should be better performance and more bang for the buck for those running Oracle software on Unisys' ES7000 server, which can accommodate as many as 32 Intel Xeon processors and 16 Intel Itanium processors.


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    • > > Cousin according to webster:
      > >
      > > 1 a : a child of one's uncle or aunt
      > >
      > > So I see it coming now, you really didn't mean cousin after all.

      Well, I have followed this thread way back and as far as I can see, it's meaningless as deep as I care to dig. But the above is clearly a lie, by omission. The webster definition continues:

      1 a : a child of one's uncle or aunt b : a relative descended from one's grandparent or more remote ancestor by two or more steps and in a different line c : KINSMAN, RELATIVE <a distant cousin>
      2 : one associated with or related to another :

      So all I see here is a single-post proof of dex4145 lying by omission, yawn. Oh, and Freddy "the sky is not blue" Eidderf jumps in to defend it. Aren't these MSFT guys just a hoot a minute?

    • There are some people who like to "play with the moron" when it isn't considered bad social behaviour because of anonymity on both sides. I admit guilt to that.

    • "To know you lost you need only walk outside and look up Mr. "common usage" hypocrite."

      Funny, that's just what my cousin who was a disciple of Christ said. He was wrong too.

    • <convince the world that the sky isn't blue>

      The really really funny part is that the majority of your posts, Haw's, and others have been in response to his premise. Granted he's right from certain points of view but that's just part of the fun. What are we on now? 2 or 3 days. Its kind of like that joke where someone writes on both sides of a sheet of paper "see other side".

    • Is it a requirement of Microsoft marketing courses that you spend a certain amount of time on this public board trying to convince the world that the sky isn't blue, or some other moronic premise, just to toughen you up for the world of sales?

    • <<So you set up the straw man? >>
      Creepy does this all the time. Hence his lack of links and need to 'splain things.

      <<Why would you do that?>>

      So he wouldn't have to back his BS claims....

    • "That's called a "straw man" Freddy."

      So you set up the straw man? Why would you do that?

      Anyway, I'll make this very simple for you and use monosyllabic words wherever possible: show me a link from a reputable (that means good) source (i.e. NASA, JPL. etc.) where it says that "The blue light filtered out by the (blue) atmosphere and the blue light scattered to your eyes from the (blue) atmosphere roughly cancel."

      I'm sure you can.

    • Unlike you or any of the other bashers here, I admitted that I made a mistake when I cited refraction instead of scattering. I owned up to my error and I'm still asking how you can possibly think that air is blue. That is what you think, right? That one of the actual physical properties of air (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, water vapor, trace elements) is that it is blue?

    • > Show me explicitly where it says that Einstein said that "The blue light filtered out by the
      > (blue) atmosphere and the blue light scattered to your eyes from the (blue) atmosphere roughly
      > cancel."

      That's called a "straw man" Freddy.

      Ah, being seen as a pretentious fool really bothers you, doesn't it, Freddy. Come on, chill out, it's just a chat board :-)

    • >No Pokey. It means that I'm valuable enough to my employer that they allow me paid time off to evaluate my career before applying to any other job opening I feel like taking! It means that my employer, like me, recognizes that sometimes the fit isn't right and a change needs to be made.

      This board has helped me immensely in my job which consists of 90% e-mail from home. I ignore the crap and rhetoric, get to the root of the matter, and get the job done. I attribute this board to honing those skills, and my managers have liked how I get the job done in half the time they expect.

      I don't need to drive to work, unlike mere peons like yourself with supervisors watching over their shoulder while you "script" your little "programs". I'm trusted to work from home which extends my work day and provides me ample time, and I've received two promotions with raises since I began posting here mostly due to my newly discovered ability to cut through bullshit, stick to the subject without getting sidetracked, and win debates when I'm right.

      Thank you so very much!

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