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  • sosumi11 sosumi11 Jan 2, 2007 3:46 PM Flag

    A guide for switching to a Mac

    If Amazon's hot holiday seller list is any indication, a lot of you got new Macs this holiday season. If you switched to a Mac from a PC, you've probably noticed that there are a lot of differences between the two.

    When I bought my first Mac a few short months ago, it took a while to figure out how to do all the stuff I already knew how to do on my PC. While it's my job to spend time figuring that sort of thing out, there's no need for you to waste your precious time figuring out the minutia of a new operating system. To ease this transition for all of the new Mac owners out there, I've put together a quick guide for Mac newbies making the big switch.

    What follows is a round-up of everything that stuck out to me when I made the move to my first Mac. I'm still a dual-OS fellow, but after I've figured out the ins and outs of my Mac, it's by far the place I find easiest to get things done. If you're delving into Macs for the first time, the following should come in handy.

    You have just been re-trained. Painless, wasn't it?

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    • Almost forgot.

      My guide for switching to a Mac:

      A. Quit your real job as an investment banker and leave your PC behind! (Do not tell the girlfriend yet!)

      B. Get at least a full month of facial hair going. Also get a really awful nose ring. ( Do not tell her yet!)

      C. Get yourself hired as assistant to the vice director of engineering for some minor recording studio.

      D: Take a break - talk your girfriend into dressing as a klingon for some late night coupling. (Do not tell her!)

      E. Buy a mac. (She will get worried here - lie.)

      F. Now see if she will dress as Princess Leia or Jar Jar Binks for some real fun. (Keep quiet!)

      G: Get up in the morning, fail to shower and announce you are going to work at "the studio." (She will now ask hwat the hell you mean...tell her now. Understand that she will be gone with the BMW when you get home but fear not! She will quickly be replaced by a "liberated" woman who last shaved her arm pits about the time MSFT bailed out Apple. She drives a Kia but, joy, it has an ipod interface!)

      H. Anyhow, at "work" pretend you are using the Mac but secretly hook up to a PC and run Sonar instead of the crap Mac program. Record the Death metal band.

      I: Say the words "dude" and "i-anything" a lot.

      J. Master the art of getting others to pay for your i-drinks.

      K. Join PETA and protest the NBA's return to the leather ball.

      L. Shave, shower and take out the nose ring. Kick out sasquatch girl, and go back to work - it was only a nightmare.

    • Funny, my sister was lifelong mac user but then recently, she got a virus that crippled the Mac. Now, I know this is (claimed to be) rare - simply because most of the virus geeks are A: disgruntled msft haters tapping away at their little IIe's thinking they are making a dent in MSFT (lol) or B: not inerested in writing viruses for macs since only a negligible percentage of users actually have them. Anyhow, I digress. She called Apple and the tech was 100% stupified. Had not a clue. Muttered about Macs usually not having viruses but seeing more lately. After an hour, he suggested she call MSFT! She did and they got the problem resolved. Guess what happend next? She kept her Mac for the kids to play with. She bought an XP based laptop for her business and could not be happier. Had it up running a slide show on new years eve.

      The moral: Play with Apple if you must - work with a pc. Business runs on MSFT.

    • Since you run a blog did Microsoft send you a free laptop to try to win you back?

      Just wondering...

      PS: I switched in 2004 and I a can't believe I used to use WIndOwS. My desktop wallpaper is a .jpg of Windows "Blue Screen of Death" just to quietly remind me why I left.

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