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  • aramocci aramocci Feb 14, 2008 9:25 AM Flag

    Time for MSFT to Offer $35 or Walk Away

    Ok MSFT, $31 per share did not sell.

    Either raise it to $35 (halfway between $31 & $40) or just walk away.

    You don't have time to screw around. Do it fast or don't do it. GOOG is not waiting for you to load your gun.

    YHOO mgmt can't stop a $35 offer but they can kill $31 and so most of their shareholders.

    If you walk away you'll see a tempo surge in MSFT stock and then back to slow decline like your business.

    YHOO stock will take a $5-$6 hit but will climb right back and reach $35 within 1 year when goes public and many of YHOOs mobile, search, etc.. initiatives start to pay off.

    with the right mgmt YHOO can take GOOG on. I was hoping it would be MSFT.

    YHOOs mgmt, if survives this brute and painful jolt, will change dramatically.

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    • MSFT should run away.

    • That was Very nice of Yahoo who can see that Ballmer has a Drinking Problem, and that he was sent home to sober up. Don't worry that won't happen agian. Sorry and Thanks Agian

    • Don't walk away. Run. Run hard and fast. Don't look back.
      Its like after a night on the town and you think you are all that and in one insane moment a you want it all.Then you wake up in bed with some strange girl. Your first thought is oh my God what have I done?
      You had a great time and had a few thrills but she is not satisfied She wants more. She wants a relationship. UGH! . Your flight instinct kicks in.
      Just get the heck out of there while you still can. Don't look back, don't call.....just run. Run like hell. Leave Yahoo shareholders waiting by the phone for the call that never comes. Realize you made a mistake and move on.

    • walk away.

    • We see a typical Yahoo stock holder wanting to take more and leave the table – understood.

      Microsoft is the ONLY player in this game – that’s the basic fact. Microsoft can afford not to have the deal, but Yahoo cannot – the Yahoo board will be on hot pan and Yahoo stock owners (including large fund managers, and this poster writer as well) will be very unhappy, they don’t want to fall back to sub-$20 (and understandably hoping for more if they could). Business is business – any deal has a price limit to make sense, and no deal is worth anything to have like in a classical love story. Only when you are not desperately to have it, you have a bargaining position. MSFT management is smart enough to cut the best deal for MSFT owners, and for the best long term development of MSFT.

      MSFT should also have flexibility in the process. However, any additional cost should for the real value and long term result. The current offer is acceptable to Yahoo stock holders, though may not be at some of them’s best wish. Any modification of the deal should consider to “sweetening” toward the Yahoo talents and mid-level managements, including their seniority, bonus, relative independence with the existing MSFT branches, job security, other benefits including retirement, and stock option. You have to show them that they will be highly valued, fairly treated and have bright development future. Money should be spent here. To the Yahoo top management, you should try something similar but you may not be able to do much.

      P.S. I am a MSFT stock holder, wishing to stay on the table and see the long term results.

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      • There is also a basic fact - this possible acquisition is during an economic cycle of recession, everything is on sale including MSFT shares! You cannot think of the price offered a year ago, or the “worth” even earlier. Do people remember the “expert estimate” of AOL value many years ago? They were talking about “at least $2000 worth for each dial-up subscriber”! During cold weather period, “Cash is the king”, hold your gun you may have more to get!

    • "YHOOs mgmt, if survives this brute and painful jolt, will change dramatically."

      Well, you got one thing right. They'll change because they'll be forced out. As it is, the first shareholder lawsuits over this deal have already begun.

    • Yhoo will take a $5 or $6 hit? Try 9 or 10. Then you say it will rampup to 35. What kind of drugs are you taking? This dog isn't worth $31.


      Yahoo's board are just some greedy pigs. They don't care what is best for the little guy, just their hugh shares.

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