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  • cfuryurself cfuryurself Jun 2, 2008 8:20 PM Flag

    If we had it all available today, what would we do?

    If there were no obstacles in our way, like availability of crude oil, lets say it was all extracted and carefully placed into some gigantic surface storage tanks of divine inspiration, which of the following would we do.

    1 We would grab at it as fast as possible to improve our current lifestyle. We could heat our yards in the winter and drive bulletproof RV's to work. We could attempt to heat cities in winter with fuel. Electricity rates would drop as this plentiful source of energy became integrated into the grid. Our lifestyle would improve minutely and we would defend our right to live the good life.
    We could use it all in a generation if it made us happy.

    2 Or ( well you know where I'm goin)

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    • Well Haw you claim superior scientific knowledge and you believe that science can cure whatever energy crisis is coming our way with stuff like portable nuclear reactors. Well you would be in the scientific minority in believing such solutions. Most scientist are worried about our energy future and they lack your confidence. Maybe they not as smart as you.
      Or maybe they are worried about the terrorist opportunities made available when every backyard has nuclear material.
      So the calling for restraint in consumption in the face of uncertain availability is a trait of "self hating liberals"??
      Gee I thought conserving to secure the future was a hallmark of conservatism. I guess the roles have changed. Conservatives are for a 'do what feels good today' and liberals are worrying about the future. Who would a thunk it.

    • You dodged the question. Unusual for one so scientifically minded.

      "I hear you yappin about the scientific method and all but can you tell me why we should not pursue as a society a 50% percent reduction per capita in fuel usage and let the economics solve the problem?"

      So professor bust us a proof??

      I though you were an engineer??

      Or maybe a tinkerer

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