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  • trit0nrocks trit0nrocks Feb 13, 2009 4:08 PM Flag

    MSFT opening stores - WHAT A JOKE

    MSFT, I think you're about 5 years too late to the party. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will trade in their I-Pods for a $hitty Zune. Like everything else your company does, I expect it to be a hastily thrown-together effort where you'll assume your size and market share in PC software (which, I see, has been shrinking at a rate that makes GM's market share loss look much better) gives you the ability to be the 800 pound gorilla.

    Well, guess what? People won't buy it. Vista SUCKS. Zune SUCKS. Internet Explorer SUCKS. Windows Media SUCKS. As for me, I've given up on the Microsoft platform. It's Apple for me now. Much lower risk of viruses, and, more importantly, I am no longer a SOFTWARE BETA SITE 365 days out of the year (aka Windows).

    I expect it to go like this:

    * Lots of fanfare when the first stores are opened.
    * Initial reports of "successful market penetration"
    * Hedging by MSFT management about a year into the effort because of "headwinds in the retail environment due to the soft economy"
    * Withdrawl from the retail market after 3 years due to "unanticipated market challenges" (aka Apple)

    MSFT is a f*&ked up, bloated monster that has far outlived its useful life. It's time for this dinosaur to go extinct and the next generation of virus and bug-free software to emerge.

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    • I've been out for a few days. Just before I took vacation we fired yet another Gen Y. This girl drove us nuts from day 1. Day after day after day, it was always the same thing "Why" this and "Why" that. The answer? BECAUSE. Period. I'm trying to hit numbers and I don't have time for a punk questioning everything, or, worse yet, doing it with my clients! I had a client call me and tell me about her attitude and that was the last straw - the client sent me an e-mail with his complaints, and 5 minutes later, Miss Gen Y was history. The funniest thing? She wanted to call him and let him know how WRONG he was! Needless to say she got the letter we would prosecute her if she made such a call. What a f*&khead.

      These kids should be called "Generation WHY". Most of them are absolutely USELESS.

    • Wow, was that passion I see stirred in you? I never knew you had any! And hey, we agree on something! Gen Y SUCKS. It is one of the most self-centered generations in history. A $hitty product of the "baby boomer" generation. Spoiled kids raising spoiled kids - a recipe for disaster. Gen Y's don't know what it's like to work for money. They just expect it. The ultimate "entitlement" generation. What did the other post say - cure cancer today, world hunger tomorrow, then party all weekend? That just about sums it up. I can't tell you how many Gen Y's I've fired. I just don't waste my time with them. It's a lost generation. The sad thing is when I get old my life might depend on one of them. I can see myself lying the hospital bed, in trouble, and the Gen Y says "whatever!".

    • I HATE managing Gen Y's. They have a f*&king opinion about EVERYTHING. If you tell them to do a job, they want to know why. Do the f*&king job. Don't ask why. Just do it. I paid my dues when I was 20. Now it's your turn. Just listen to what I say and stop questioning everything, before I fire you and hire a retiree that wants to take your place.

    • Thank you, wallstreet! That's what I've been saying. First-mover advantage is big, especially on the internet. Gen Y has an attention span of about 3 seconds. That's all you get. And it's getting shorter.

    • I don't know what to make of Bing. I tried it. I didn't feel any "rush" using it, nor did it improve my web searches. Google still has the best algorithms for search, so I will stick with them. Bing, to me, is a marketing ploy for Microsoft. It's a strategy that will probably work for them and the casual internet user, but not for people who are already "branded" with Google or Yahoo.


    • What's the big deal about Bing? It's Microsoft Live with lipstick on it. Google is still my home base for searches. It has established the BRAND. Bing, well, it hasn't. Sorry.

    • I'll stick with Windows, which has support just about everywhere I go. It works, and it does what I need to do.

    • Linux is not for the faint of heart. It does take some effort to set up. That said, once it's set, anyone can use it. If set up properly, Windows users will barely notice the difference in the GUI, but will definitely notice the improvement in performance, lack of spyware and malware, viruses, crashes, etc.

      Oh, and I'm post 300!

    • Linux Mint is all that and more. I love it because of the security and stability but most of all the complete freedom to do customize it in any way and have all the apps and scripts and help all for FREE.

    • Well, when you're running a Linux box you have to do that. I'll tell you what - ZERO issues with viruses, ZERO issues with spyware and malware, ZERO issues with probing cookies, ZERO issues with crashes, lockups, etc.

      My lovely bride of 25 years uses it all the time. She can't tell the difference between the Linux box and a Microsucks machine. Well, except for the fact that the Linux box is always working and the Windows box, well, you know the story there.

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