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  • hawcraper hawcraper Apr 18, 2009 10:25 PM Flag

    So you leftie loonies are worried about


    <Maybe, why was their boss directing them to overtly try to intimidate their fellow Americans who were only exercising their right of peaceful assembly?>

    Are you getting STUPIDER by the post?

    Here is what you said in a previous thread:
    "Janet Napolitano had two agents in an unmarked but tagged as DHS van at the downtown Tampa Tea party Rally taking pictures of the participants."

    You first said the Van was UNMARKED...but yet tagged.

    You also said there were two agents in the unmarked van...but now you are claiming that the people were intimidated. How? Did the agents drag them into the van? And if any citizens there were intimated, don't you think there would be reports? DOn't you think this would have made the news....especially on FAUX?

    But nooooooooooo, there is Nothing out there but a Hawcreek Rumor...and that Rumor keeps changing with each post.

    No more replies to this thread...Hawcreek just makes up stuff and thinks no one will notice.

    This topic is deleted.
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