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  • jcato2001 jcato2001 Sep 3, 2009 1:55 PM Flag

    Fact Check: Obama Health Care Funds Abortions

    It's just as much mine as it is yours except the difference is I believe in what it stands for, not what you are trying to "CHANGE" it to.

    You can have gay marriage rights, just respect most of America believing it is a biblical union, and if you want to change it to fit your agenda you need to call it something else. We are EQUAL in our recognition rights, but different in our ways of doing things. I can respect you, why can't you respect me?

    I think health care for everyone is great. The idea of it anyway. But the goverment has demonstrated it can't do anything correctly. It couldn't run a whore house and serve whiskey and turn a profit.

    If they want to help, why don't they give people with a job a voucher. Then only 6% of americans don't have healthcare.

    How come people on welfare dont have to take a piss test? I have to take a piss test to make money to give to them!

    If your disabled I understand, if your not, I say you don't get jack squat unless you try to help yourself.

    I'd rather pay you to go to school than pay you to sit on your ass.

    The problem here is not either party, it's lack of solutions that make any sense.

    Fundamentally I think everyone agrees people should be able to get help if they are sick. Republican, democrat, religious, atheist, whatever.

    Where the argument is though is alot of people dont want a government run program that ends up looking like a monkey F'n a football or a retard tryin to hump a doorknob at the expense of my money, that I WORK for.

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