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  • jcato2001 jcato2001 Nov 8, 2009 12:17 AM Flag

    Death of liberal politics


    I like the idea, it could be a good thing, but then i watched Baucus's jackass self on Cspan telling the guy who was running the estimates that said he was running at maximum safe speed to go 5 times faster because they had to know tomorrow because thats when they were going to vote.

    It's kinda like, hey I could do some good here, but I have a deadline and I dont have enough sense to know that if I cant do it right I should leave it alone, but instead we will just pass whatever we come up with by tomorrow, not read it, and we are stuck with it for 10 years, but we will see how it all goes and if it blows up we will blame it on someone else attitude that I have a MAJOR fucking problem with.

    If they worked in ANY professional atmosphere for profit they would get fired straight on there ass in half a day with that level of irresponsibility.

    If they would do one thing right at a time we wouldnt have any problems.

    It isnt hard. The F'n constitution is 18 pages long, but this bill is 1900.

    Add that up?

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