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  • jcato2001 jcato2001 Nov 30, 2009 9:29 PM Flag

    Your tax dollars at work, h\why taxes need to go up

    If they were really concerned with reducing health care costs without increasing the deficit, the first thing they would do is let health insurance companies compete across state lines. Competition = honest rates.

    That wouldn't cost 1 penny and it wouldn't take a 2000 page bill.

    This isn't health reform. I fear it is something else entirely different. Why introduce so many new taxes, and make it harder for small business, the number one producer of jobs to hire new people while you are trying to create jobs?

    This bill is not the right thing, and it's at the wrong time, and it's too big, and it's putting the government in control of something that's way to big to be done inefficiently.

    Name me just one, not 5, not 3, not 10, but just one efficient government program and I'll change my mind and say this is a good idea.

    Free market > us goverment run anything.

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